Inner Listening ~ Highest Self Communication

The first clear, undeniable experience I had with my Highest Self, which was the start of my conscious, Ascension/ Sacred Embodiment journey, was in 2000.

Life as I knew it had just crumbled all around me via the gift that was Vertigo. Which by the way, was not seen as a gift or the blessing it was at the time. As my life crumbled, I cursed & raged, the first weeks. The next several weeks I was laid up in a sweet little sun-room my beau and I called the ‘love room.’ It was cozy, cuddly, and one could sit and watch the big Oregon sky of clouds roll & float to the South and West. Not that I had spent much time enjoying the scenery peacefully, prior to the Vertigo.

The dizziness had begun subsiding, but my ears were completely clogged from Canidida, which I hadn’t been aware of as being an issue before the Big Hand of God forced my small hand. You can read the details in my memoir, if you are so called.

Sitting on the couch, in the love room, I was feeling quite weepy, confused, grieving the loss that had occurred. And a voice began speaking to me. As the voice spoke, I was lulled into this tender inner-space, feeling held and loved. The voice began speaking to me about the clogged ear. It sounded like a feminine voice and energy, as she guided me toward clarity of the underlying conditions of the ear, beside a yeast overgrowth in my system. She guided me gently, reflected to me the imbalanced ways I’d been living in; she spoke to me about the deep sadness and exhaustion my being was suffering beneath what could be detected by myself or doctors; she invited me to feel the pain and insecurities of a little girl long forgotten; she brought me to tears.

As I cried and she encouraged me to keep releasing. The ear began to drain. I spoke back to her, confirming how tired I was of striving and trying to become ‘someone,’ ‘something.’ And she said she understood. The conversation continued, until my ego consciousness poked its head up and wondered who I was talking to? Then my full personality perked up, wondering “Who am I talking to? Who am I listening to? Who is the voice talking to me, telling me things that I didn’t know? Who is this guiding me to cry and heal?”

This was a pivotal moment in my life, in my awakening journey. I knew I was more than who I thought I was, and I had no language then of ‘Higher Self’ or embodiment.

We all have access to our Highest Self or Soul’s guidance. It doesn’t necessarily have to ‘speak’ to us, to be our higher wisdom guiding our steps along the path of awakening.

For some it’s a deep knowing, the intuition. For others, it may be through synchronicities or inner sight. And others still may feel it in the body, as sensation or somatic expression.

The body’s expression has been a long standing, consistent form of communication between myself and Soul/HS. The way which I’ve spoken of it, is that whatever makes my heart go ‘pitter-patter’ is what I follow. The ‘pitter-patter’ sensation communicates the YES! It vibrates through my body and I know that whether the YES! makes sense to my rational mind or not, it’s the direction to take.

As the Ascension process amps up, learning to listen to this higher guidance is becoming increasingly important. Changes are happening in rapid fire these days and most often the guidance will be supporting our momentum and helping us to understand our Passion & Purpose on the planet, at this time.

The more sensitized we are to our own inner wisdom, the deeper our faith and trust will be present to waylay any fears and doubts that can creep in to the mind, taking us out of the heart.

Also, because of the growing speed of transformation at this time, we are best served to learn how to be very agile in our ability to shift gears, change directions, and follow what is presenting in each present moment. This can be destabilizing in our physical world, which is all the more reason to be anchored & grounded in our Sacred Center.

The shifting of directions enable the necessary timeline changes to occur, which will continually birth our own next levels of Divinely Aligned expressions that are maturing through us, embodying within us.

We’re in a fascinating, wondrous & never-before-seen time of spiritual evolution!

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May we all ride these waves, in our own unique ways, with Love, Beauty, Ease & Grace.

Divinely Aligning in Love,