Alchemical Evolution

Just a couple of weeks ago, I embarked on an inner journey with a group of beautiful Souls, who felt called to a path of Sacred Intimacy. It’s an honor to be sharing the foundation for a stream of New Earth/New Paradigm consciousness for humanity’s Ascension.

While the spans of this offering covers initiations of Inner Alchemy of Feminine/Masculine, Self-Love, Conscious Relationship & Sacred Partnership, it’s essence is truly cultivating Soul Presence & Divine Presence. I do label those experiences as two different recognitions, however, in my experience they are simple continuing layers of the same truth.

And, we must begin with our own Inner Union intimacy, before we can bring that consciousness to our life and relations.

The alchemical process we are working with is both elemental and emotional, therefore also transmuting density of lower frequency into higher levels of Light. The evolution of humanity requires our whole being – biology, physiology, chemistry to up-grade, re-wire, and transform.

No system is separate from another.

Layer by layer, level by level, consciousness/frequency resides in all aspects of our being.

What an amazing time to be alive!

The initial stages are subtle, yet profound.

When we realize that our emotions, thoughts, and actions all are fueled with qualities of living forces, our consciousness both deepens and expands. For instance, if I’m often compelled to make a stand out of anger, the forces at work are Fire, carrying in the simplest of terms, a masculine quality.

Expanding this to one of the systems we’re using as a map of experiential organization, Ayurveda supports each expression of alchemy beautifully. If I’m often angry, there’s an imbalance of Fire or Pitta, in my physical system. This will most likely mean I’m also reactive in a dominant Yang/ Masculine bent. Regardless of gender orientation, imbalance is imbalance.

Many of us tend to believe that these dispositions are just ‘who we are.’ Yet, when we answer the invitation to become more closely and intimately, connected to the subtlties & depth of our being, we realize we have more power to make deep and expansive changes in ourselves, our lives, and in our relationships.

Begin to infuse the the Sacred Water element, the Feminine expression, we enter into an alchemical and tranformational process with the consciousness of life giving forces.

Balancing & harmonizing is under way.

Everything about our humanity and about all of life, is Sacred.

This gets lost in the fray of externalized activity, programming, the wounding that we all incur over time, and the disconnection from Soul & Divine Source.

Sacred Intimacy is the journey of reclaiming our true essence, by transmuting the deep imbalances and confusion.

This type of inner journey requires the courage to dive within and become so up-close and personal with ones own self, emotionally, mentally, and energetically. It’s a vulnerable path, where we experience the Sacredness that we each are.

Divine Presence is the Grace, from practices of reclaiming our Soul’s Presence, through becoming sacredly intimate with our own energy, essence, and divine frequency.



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