Bring Me a Higher Love

Moving into this Aquarian Age activates the higher expressions of divine attributes in our mere human-ness. In truth, as I use the word ‘mere.’ we’ll note, that it implies a smallness or limited expectation. My intention is to bring attention to the fact that we are not ‘mere.’

The loving invitation at this juncture, is for humanity to realize that we carry within us the ability to be grand, divine-humans, to anchor a new template of Divine Love on this planet, through the evolved Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine.

One of the most important areas we can express ourselves, is in relationship. And how we extend that energy impacts others, and our selves. We are being called to deepen, expand, and become more awake and conscious in how we relate to others.

Within the Ascension communities, we are now seeing the rising energies of both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine and Divine Union blueprints presenting. The attribution of Divine in itself speaks to a radical shift in consciousness. It is a transformative force, that is here to bring healing, harmony, balance, peace, grace, wisdom & Love (with an upper case L) if we are so inclined to expand the Heart-Soul to receive these teachings and initiations.

As the stream of teachings I’ve been receiving are now ready to be shared, I bring an initiatory approach since the majority of us have not yet prepared the heart, consciousness, or body to hold the energy of the fullness of the Divine Source Love. Therefore, we begin by embodying and anchoring in Sacredness.

The spiritual evolutionary trajectory that we are on requires phases and stages, as I’ve mentioned often. Consciousness is Light, and higher states of consciousness require acclimating to and harnessing the ability to hold continually increasing levels of divine light in the body. These Light codes are information for our biology, physiology, etc … our Sacred Technology, that enables levels of transformation to occur. These up-levels of transformation evolve us beyond our mere human-ness.

In other words, it is an on-going process to embody our Divinity. And indeed, it IS taking place with each Yes! we give, each shift in clearing density, change our thoughts/emotions/habits, and the choice to hold more Light.

My role over the years has been to serve as a ladder, so to speak, for those who resonate with my path & guidance. I bring assistance to next-leveling through the Ascension process. The ladder being extended at this time is to bring deeper fulfilment, presence, and sacredness to your relationships and all of Life, beginning with the Sacredness of You ~ your Sacred Inner Masculine & Sacred Inner Feminine, embraced by Divine Source/ God-Goddess/ Great Spirit.

Sacred Intimacy ~ a Path of Inner Alchemy & Sacred Partnership is a journey of initiations over this next year.

It’s purpose is to awaken us to states of Higher Love. Can you hear Steve Winwood singing ‘Bring me a Higher Love?’ Thank you Steve for the foreshadow! Aside from the love of a parent for their child, the next most potent or perhaps equally so, is that love for our partner/significant other/husbands-wives. Romantic love, as we can all attest to, is both one of the most glorious experiences and can be one of the most wounding. I think it’s safe to say, a very rare adult escapes from the loss of romantic love at least once in their lives.

This journey is one of evolving from the old paradigm of romantic love and entering into the deep & expansive freedom of Higher Love, through practices of Sacred Intimacy.

We have the opportunity to fall in love with ourselves, through the sacred alchemy initiations of Inner Marriage/Inner Union. It is then that all other relationships transform, especially our relationship to romantic love & beyond.

Life is comprised of relationship. When we are living from the presence of Sacred Intimacy, we recognize Every moment IS a relationship. And the relationship we’ve cultivated OR not, within ourselves, creates the experience of all other relationships.

We are tested and hopefully grow, most deeply through romantic relationships. Therefore, relationship to Self-Love and Relationship with Romance, is the most fertile ground for learning, deepening, expanding, elevating, into living In-Love through divine attributes.

It has become apparent over the last year, the importance of Self-Love. We are now in the next stages which uplift us from the mere-ness of our past human experience, to a Higher Love reality.

The divine blueprints are activated. Those who are ready to live In-Love have been feeling the sacred Soul-Song calling them Home. This is an opportunity to enter into the flow of Grace, awakening through these next potent stages.

This elevation doesn’t happen over night, and it requires conscious attention, reflection, understanding, and the desire to re-birth the feminine/masculine story, as well as enliven the New Truths, that have always been written in our Hearts.

If your Heart-Soul hears the call then we are joyously ~ thrilled to journey with you beginning in March. You may see more details here. Please also, feel free to contact me directly with any questions. I welcome them!

In-Love & With Blessings ~


art: Alex Grey