Falling in Love with Life~ a Journey of Sacred Intimacy

The depth to which we’re willing to explore our own inner landscape, is the cultivation of Sacred Intimacy. Within our own InnerVerse, we do find pain, yet our attention to it, is the salve that heals it. As we peel away the layers of distortions and pain, we then have the opportunity to enter into relationship with our Essence, our Brilliance, Radiance.

Falling in love with Life includes falling in love with Ourselves.

Falling in love with my life did not happen over night. It’s been a process of stages and phases. I’ve been moving in that direction at both the pace of a tortoise and the hare. Falling in love with my life in the beginning of my spiritual journey was not what I was seeking or what I would have said I was working toward through my inner work, way back in the day.

It seems many of us begin our journey because we’re seeking to at least feel better than we do when we don’t feel fulfilled in our lives. We find a reprieve, a ‘feeling better’ but do not yet know there is a Big Love awaiting us behind the veils.

In those early-early days, I too was just looking to feel better, find peace, feel more calm or to feel grounded; to experience more confidence, to feel at home in my own skin, to quiet this mind. These were the very basic, ‘get me through the day’ desires. I only could imagine moments of these ideas of reprieve, fleeting as they were. The sacred moments eluded me and inner turmoil felt always to be knocking at the door.

Once we begin the phase of acknowledging and healing our inner-conflicts, self-judgments, and pockets of pain, we may find our pull toward seeking a connection to God/ a Higher Power/ Divine Source/ Something beyond us.

Through my own journey, with the myriad of blessings I’d received for over a decade, I still had a belief up until 6 or 7 years ago that this journey I had chosen (or that had chosen me) would always be hard. That Life would always be hard. I believed that the internal excavation I was compelled toward, would never end. I felt that there was a bottomless pit of hidden pain, fear, loss, anger, confusion, and judgement.

It had never occurred to me that it could be different. In the old paradigms that have engrained us into the belief that life is hard, we’ve held ourselves captive. But the truth is that as we heal and evolve, the bottomless pit is emptied, and becomes filled with gems, pearls, diamonds of the iridescent Light of Soul Presence.

But don’t take my word for that … keep journeying and find you self Illuminating Self!

The turning point does arrive. When I finally found long lasting periods of peace, a quiet mind, and a compassionate Home within my heart, for awhile I waited for the shoe to drop. But it has not! This way of living has become the norm, the new way of living with a Sacred Intimate Presencing in my being and life. Of course there are moments of ebb that changes the flow, however it’s the presence of intimacy with myself that enables the sacredness to remain.

Falling in love with all that we are is a vulnerable journey of empowerment, in which we experience initiations into Wholeness.

Sacred Intimacy is a path of practicing inner-listening, self-revealing, deep-receiving, unflinching-loving, tenderly-acknowledging, empowered-vulnerability, truth-seeing, Soul-integrating, Essence-embodying.

Love is the fabric of the path of Sacred Intimacy. Returning Home to our Wholy-Wholeness, again and again, remembering Who we’ve always been.

The journey of Sacred Intimacy awaits you in February.

Holding You In-Love,