Embody Love ~ Embody Strength

In general, for most of humanity, we believe our strength comes from a solidity that hardens/protects the heart. This is both conscious and subconscious. This way of being over-rides the wisdom of our Hear-Soul communication, with the rational mind. 

But Dear Ones, the truth is quite opposite. 

Our strength streams forth when the heart is soft, supple, expanding forth with a loving coherent frequency. This coherency offers the ability to open with unconditional Source Love, clarity, and wholeness, which doesn’t cringe from fear & disappointment, because it holds no expectations. 

True, this doesn’t develop over night. However, the path of Sacred Embodiment does require this development. Fear & Control subside. Faith & Trust Bloom.

As the Heart/High Heart centers activate, the higher centers activate in in tandem, balancing & harmonizing. Source presence reveals many expressions to the purified heart that has been initiated into the ways of surrendering, to Divine Grace. 

In Love, 


Art: Emily Balivet