Awakening from the Dream ~ A Memoir

I’m thrilled to announce that the book of the personal journey of my Kundalini Awakening, during those first wondrous years is now closer to becoming a reality!

Though it’s been sitting gathering dust for some time, the time has come to move it out into the light. As I work with clients & students, it has become clear how much they & others will be able to benefit from the path I’ve walked. We all are traveling in the same direction, and we share many of the same hurdles along the awakening journey.

I’m self-publishing though the highly respected HayHouse subsidiary of Balboa Press. While much of the project is underway, I am in need of raising the necessary funds for the professional editing, through Balboa.

I am asking for help from you. 

The cost for the editing is $5,000.00. The investment on this project that has already been paid in full… and it covers everything needed, except the editing. While writing is natural for me, editing is not a strength. The professionalism of the editing is vital to life of this book, for it’s success, and for the best experience for the reader.

I have set up a Go Fund Me Campaign. Any amount, $10. $20. $30. or more, will be make a world of difference in the timeliness of forward movement! I invite you to visit the campaign page for more information & for donation.

I look forward to this page becoming the official page on my site when my book is fully birthed. I will have many to thank for supporting it’s completion and my hope for it becoming a spiritual companion to many others!

I’m offering a Distance Light Language sessions for donations … please see campaign for those details.

Any sharing is also appreciated of my campaign or this page.

I thank you for all your support, in whatever form it manifests!

Many Blessings & Much Love,  Lotus







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