Shamanic Healing ~Light Language Activation

The approach I use for Shamanic Healing is an organic evolution of the combination of my spiritual practices, including Reiki over the years. These sessions are a gentle hands on, with subtle movements to the recipient’s body. My experience of the Shamanic path is one of direct, experiential revelation and continuously expanding perceptions. It is inclusive of the whole spectrum of the web of life. It is the wisdom Life communicating in many subtle ways through our heart and soul.

This method of energy work, Shamanic Healing offers clearing, balancing, and harmonizing body, mind, emotions, spirit, and subtle bodies. This work is intricately intertwined with the activation of  divine codes and frequencies of Languages of Light, also referred to as our Heart~Soul Song, which has it’s own language. By being a conscious vehicle, with intention to connect with the highest vibrational forces to assist you/humanity in your/our spiritual evolution, this path of healing has opened up to me organically.

May we all rise into our Highest Love & Light

our Divine Passion & Purpose

our Divine Self & Highest Service.

The beautiful Languages of Light have been highly transformational and efficient is helping us to let go of our burdens and feel love and loved. Divine Languages of Light, Heart~Soul Songs, are already known to our most deepest self, our Highest Self. While the intellect is bypassed, what is communicated during the healing sessions, our heart and soul recognize deeply as love.  As said after a session recently by a client in tears:

“I feel like I’ve come home, somehow. This language is so familiar to a deep part of me, and I’m just remembering something which I hadn’t known.”

Another lovely recipient referred to her first time distance mini-activation in this way:

“It’s like receiving a personal love-note from the Universe!”

These light codes and frequencies are of different divine origins. When I use the word divine, I’m referring to pure qualities of the highest vibrations of energy. Whether Angelic, Universal, or Elemental, they are here to assist our hearts to open and our consciousness to be uplifted and expanded. In this process, they then assist the denser qualities of energies which are no longer serving us, in our Highest good, to be cleared.

As a channel, or the term I feel most resonant with, as a vehicle for these frequencies of Light & Love to flow through, in order that they may connect with the Souls I serve, I feel it’s one of the most powerful ways I can be of service at this time. See More.

The Universal intelligence of Light Language aligns with our highest Heart and Soul, adjusting to the resonance of each person’s vibrational needs in the moment. They help support us by initiating clearing, balancing, activation and alignment with a new vibration of Well-being.

The Language of Light speaks directly to your DNA, activating and recoding your personal vibrational signature, as your Higher Self is accessed more easily by your conscious awareness.  It is not translated as a word-for-word transmission – it is a deeply layered alchemical transmission of information.

Become alit in Heart & Soul, as your being is returned Home through Divine Codes.

Returning to remembering, the Light that you are, Love radiates, as the shrouds fall.

Tongues of Light, spark your Heart, to expand your Truth as embodied Divinity.

These divine frequencies comes forth at this time because we are in a powerful time on our planet, known as Ascension. It is a time when the frequency of our planet is quickening and rising, and we living on Mother Earth are experiencing this same rise. The Ascension process encompasses all of us, individually and collectively. Humanity and the Earth itself. This process of awakening is innate within all of us, and is uplifting our heart into connection with the Divine. These frequencies of Light create a heart opening and connection that assists  your evolution.

During healing sessions, higher dimensional frequencies already existing within your Soul, your Heart~Soul Song, Languages of Light, ‘speak’ to your energy field, finding a resonance that balances you on profound and practical levels. While your mind may not understand the sounds or ‘words,’ your subtle bodies, and your heart and soul have a recognition of this ancient connection, understand the support and respond in concert with your receptivity. These are just a few of the benefits:

  • Deep Relaxation & Rejuvenation
  • Clearing Outworn Patterns for Healing
  • Chakra Balancing & Clearing
  • Subtle Body Aligning
  • Earth Grounding & Universal Connection
  • Divine Heart & Divine Power Center Activation
  • Highest Self / Highest Potential Connection

These sessions are deeply transformative for our entire being and are divinely ‘designed’ for these times of rapid spiritual evolutionary growth. You’re invited to explore more in the blogs postings on this site.

See Languages of Light: Speaking in Tongues of the Divine

Blessings ~ Lotus



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