Dancing with Life

How do you dance with Life? How do you move with the push & pulls, the highs & lows? How do you energize through stuckness? How do you calm after stress?

Sacred living holds the space for all of life’s experiences while simultaneously honing higher, truer, alignment with Source Love… on-going, continuously. I have found throughout my life dance and movement offer me a myriad of resources to pull from as I navigate a world of polarity, that also holds spaces of Divine Neutrality. The opposites that can lead to the “Ahhh!”

When I first danced with Nia Technique, twenty-plus years ago, I found so many expressions of life experiences mirrored in the dance. Learning how to rise to the Heavens, by lengthening my body, with outstretched arms and hands, then sinking into the Earth as I folded over to the floor, gave me deeper sensory connection to dancing through my emotions.

Take a peek at Nia!

Just as accessing inner power through martial arts kicks and blocks strengthened my body, I learned the sensation of making clear choices and knowing the truth of my ‘No.’ Or feeling the upliftment of Duncan Dance, inspires a heart-centered ‘Yes!’

Nia is most certainly an amazing workout for the physical body. The unique way in which it integrates a number of different movement art forms, to offer conditioning, strengthening, flexibility, and health for the entire body, far surpasses most fitness systems. What really kept me coming back was how it worked out my other bodies … the emotional, mental, & spiritual aspects of myself, which THEN created a deeper aligned, vitality WITH the precious physical vehicle, my body.

For me living in this body and falling in love with myself as I’ve done deep healing work over the decades, Nia was integral to sacred living that found its inceptions many a’years ago. Nia brings the Joy, Power, and Grace to life as sacred expressions of wholeness. Nia was & has been foundational in my evolutionary journey.

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Dancing with Life & Love ~