Weaving & Alchemy

We are always weaving through time & space … or is time & space weaving through us?

We could say both and more!

There are so many expressions of consciousness that we are co-creating reality with us.

The questions are:

Are you consciously creating?

Are you intimately relating?

Are you subtly presencing?

We are danced by the planets, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars. Their light rays embody through our physical form and through all the creations of Mother Earth’s natural world and the Father’s Celestial Heavens.

We are alchemized with the Elemental Dragons that are the master creators of the Universe. They weave tapestries from Earth, Water, Fire, Air, harmonizing and balancing, moment to moment momentum of ever changing and evolving expressions.

Day and night, seasons and cycles, light and dark, waking and sleep, weave together as our Sacred Rhythm of our masculine and feminine, streaming life in spiraling time. Time that is not linear or contracted, it’s a living force traveling through unlimited multi-dimensional realms. Time is alive and well, a mystery that unfolds our perceptive awareness, whether fast or slow. And as we ride these waves we interface with choices of the heart, to particulate the life we create!

The being that is Time is a consort to Space, that we here and now in this world are graced. And Life, with a capital ‘L’ is always woven through all that pulses, breathes, moves. As Life births us, we also birth Life, again and again, through our expanding Heart and deepening Soul Presence. The survival small life is released in its highest capacity into Life that is Love, always uplifting, healing, gracing, and unifying.

We are called into a Life that evolves and to awaken to the truth that we are interwoven with the ALL.

Our human beingness is only one fraction of who we are. We are the waters, the trees, the earth, the sun, moon and stars. We exist in many dimensions at once. We are remembering ourselves back to this Wholeness, infused by Light, Life and the Love which are the threads that weave the Life we lead!

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In Sacred, Loving, Weaving ~