Nesting ~ Home is Where the Heart Is

When you feel into the change of season, the darkening time of year, how do you feel called to land into your winter nesting place? As with each season, there's an archetypal blueprint embedded in natural cycles that guide us. The blueprint for the months of darkening is the call within. It's a returning of … Continue reading Nesting ~ Home is Where the Heart Is

Embodying Love

Lovelies . . . Do you long for the path of Self-Love & Embracing the Sacred within? And yet, do you attempt to divide your inner light & darkness? Are you unsure as to how to move more toward yourself with the grace of deep acceptance, self-love & self-honoring? It's often easier than we think.  … Continue reading Embodying Love

Winter’s Call

Gratitude continues to expand these days for many things. One of which is being in a part of the country with the change of seasons. I've always thought of myself as a sun-baby ... which I am really, however living both in SoCal/LA & Arizona before that, I have so much appreciation for the clouds, … Continue reading Winter’s Call