Sacred Presencing through Crisis Points

2022 will indeed go down in my personal story as one of the five most intense phases of this life. And we’re only half way through. As I write today, I’m still decompressing from the move to a lovely new home, spurred on by some challenges at my previous loved home. And that was on the tail of the death of my sweet Moki in February. And that was on the tail of the death of my father in October of ’21. There are many more minor instances at points in between, yet as that timeline fades away, I allow some of the particulars to do the same.

This has been an intense divine initiation in relational presencing and sacred intimacy.

I know I am not alone in the crisis points that are present for many. The last couple of years is revealing that what has been expected for years, is and has been very much at hand. The purpose of the mounting hardships or suffering or loss may seem alluding, unless we pull our lenses back into a micro view and attune to the dismantling that must take place for the stunning rebirthing of a whole new humanity and earth.

The Divine Feminine energies are both creative & destructive, all from the consciousness of highest, Divine Love. It will not always make sense to the humans limited awareness.

There are divine initiations taking place for us all. However, we must recognize that initiations are taking place, be open to their teachings, and be willing to transmute & transform all that has come before.

The presence of Divine Presence has increased during the fall of this past life/chapter stream. The gratitude I have for the grace of these living teachings has deepened through each crisis. Even as I was having doubts, wondering if I could trust LIFE to hold me, I was being shown how to cultivate the state of being that would be needed, before I even knew what, the then ‘future’ had in store. Remember nothing is linear, Life spirals, as do we.

The question for myself was, “Have I embodied all that I’ve been taught previously, to enable me to deepen into the next level of sacred intimacy and next level embodiment at hand?”

As the energies/consciousness/frequencies of the Divine Feminine continue to take root, enlivening those of us with open hearts to feel the guidance, feel her call for us to come into sacred intimate connection with all of Life, we are transformed by this potent grace.

The perfection of each area of life that crumbled or at the least, demanded I re-assess and up-grade through minor irritations rather than massive clearing, has delivered me to be held and carried by even greater wings of Faith & Trust.

The life that I’ve been guided into and the freedoms that have manifested are beyond what I would have or could have planned for myself.

I had to be pushed from the comfort zone of that past phase, into the next. I was remaining too attached, where I was being asked to let go. With each resistance, came more push!

On the other side, I’m thrilled with all of the lessons, the deep dive journeys of revelation & resolution, and the expanding clarity & compassion.

I’m now beginning another new chapter, which also means more to share, more to injoy!

There is always a silver lining. Part of living with silver linings depends on how deeply we can commune with the sacred presence of ALL that is taking place. To invite the deepest levels of intimacy with self, with Soul, with fear, with Love, with confusion, with Truth, with loss, with Rebirth … with LIFE.

There’s a gentle integration taking place at the moment. Deeper receptivity of the loss & the blessings. I’m chewing the cud, as said by Thomas Moore in ‘Care of the Soul.’ Chewing, digesting, assimilating all the nutrients that Life has offered me. How well I chew, digest, and assimilate will tell me how completely I’ve embodied the Love and Wisdom that has embroiled my being these past months.

It’s just the continuous stream of presencing the Presence, embodying all we are through deeper Sacred Intimacy.

What pearls have your trials & tribulations gifted you with as of late?

Is your pearl well formed, shimmering, with the iridescence of powerful truth speaking through soft, creamy hues?

The invitation is to keep surrendering into the sacred intimacy with your own sweet being.

With Love ~