Crossing the Threshold to a New Timeline

New Moon & Eclipse Blessings!

We’re in Eclipse season and re-booting is upon us. Nature is enlivening all around in the northern hemisphere as Spring begins to truly bloom forth in May.

There are so many opportunities for rebirthing, re-creating, re-orienting our lives this year. It’s potent for creating new timelines, are you ready? Here’s an invitation. I’m thrilled to say I too am embarking on a new timeline through a new body of work I’m going to be studying. More to come on that soon!

I sit in this beautiful threshold in the New Moon this weekend with the full intention to surrender deeply to what is meant to unfold through this next phase path that lay ahead. I haven’t been called to learn so in depth, from a teacher, a system, a guide in many years. I was meant to hone my own inner teachings for the last decade, to be guided from the higher, subtle realms and my own Soul Presencing … and now it’s time for a new chapter.

Why I felt the strong YES! was because magic was already a’foot. From within, my own Soul/Higher Self had been guiding me along a very specific path. Revealing through meditations, intuitions, Heart-Soul yearnings, new actions, the path I’d been on began to morph & transform. And then I ‘came upon’ or in other words, was guided to, the beautiful, deep, embodied system, which I will soon be sharing about. Within an introduction workshop for this program, many things I’d already been shown & being taught were present in this workshop. The alignment spoke to my heart so deeply. And I can say as soon as I said the YES! and made the commitment, many things began to shift in my life, in my dreams, in my body, in my being.

I feel such the wonderful Mystery that is Life opening up. So much is unknown and yet, my Soul knows, feels, senses, that I am returning Home to something a remembrance of my own truth.

A new timeline is being created, beautiful friends & I am going to be so overjoyed to share it with you, when I have embodied what I’m here to learn at this time.

This is an example of co-creating our life, with the Divine & our Soul Presencing. Life is here to usher us along our highest path of Joy, Freedom, Celebration, Connection, Love, Peace, Vitality … Flourishing on all levels!

What are you co-creating in order for your flourishing, thriving, & deepening your Soul Presence & Purpose? I invite you to listen to the latest YouTube talk I did on Creating a Life of Flourishing & Thriving, if you haven’t already.

If you feel called to connect for support on your personal journey, please reach out!