Follow the Arrow of Your Light

Like an arrow from our highest selves, we follow it’s lead in our heart, allowing it to call us forward into new ways, new blossoming’s, again & again.

What was ~ is released. Don’t look back! Don’t go back to sleep!

Every moment now, as the energies rise, we have greater ease in choosing to consciously create new patterns within our body, and therefore our lives. It’s time for the identifications of the past, to fall away; no more attaching to who we think we are. This only interferes with the divine You, who is pulsing through our hearts, to become what was always meant to rise forth.

We chose this time to bring forth lifetime’s of wisdom, to assist in this leap, to transform darkness with Grace. Move forward, forgetting who you’ve been, seeing only stages & phases of persona’s dancing to voices which have kept us locked in forgetfulness of our true radiance.

Let us dance to new songs, which calls us forward into our Selves, unplugged from the rights & wrongs, stories & dramas, fears & lies, which have kept us bound. No more, my dears, this is not the way!

Celebrations of truth will continue to crumble the false. Hang on to one another, as this will all pass. Watch for those following the arrow through the heart, shining their light as darkness sheds. What was released. Let it fall, donning new colors of the highest Now, that calls!

In Following True Love ~


art: Christian Schloe