Are You Vibing with Your Kindred Soul Tribe?

Recently I was invited to join a Spring series women’s group, as well as offer Light Language to the community during a call in May. The container is sweet & powerful, the women are open & bonding, and it’s really a treat for me to have this space to receive this offering from a sister teacher.

This past week however, I was invited to share on the topic of Ascension, since a few in the group have been sharing about Ascension Sensitivities (Symptoms), without knowing this was what they were experiencing.

As the conversation grew, it was mentioned by one of the women that some of her clients have been experiencing the exact same sensitivity I was sharing about, and the ‘Aha!’ moments expanded for her and all of us.

I’m so excited when I witness the dots being connected for others, as much as I am for my own dot connections. I’ve been hearing from so many people lately, that they are seeing people they know going through these initial walking symptoms … without the awareness that is what is taking place.

As one women mentioned in the group yesterday, it’s like a ‘well spring’ of awakening taking place.

It’s so true! We have hit the tipping point and now we’re seeing the full swing, in motion, of consciousness expansion taking place. And it’s a process. And it has it’s challenges. And, the momentum is wondrous in spite of the challenges.

The importance of community is arising more prominently in my awareness, in some ways inspired by this weekly group and the solid community I’ve had the privilege to work with over these last couple of years. Support, understanding, sharing experiences and feelings, having a place to ask questions, having a place to fit in amidst so much rapid transformation, is important.

It can be a lonely and isolating journey ( as a women openly shared ) if we don’t have the kindred connections which enrich and uplift and bring consistent inspiration and encouragement to the process of our spiritual evolution-transformation. 

Are you growing with your group of friends & family?

Or … Are you growing in a different direction, feeling the pang of a gap or loss?

These are very real questions and at some point, sometimes many points along the waking journey, we have choices to make regarding whom spend time with, and how much time we spend, with those in alignment or those not really in alignment.

We will most likely find people that we still love and feel connected to, that fits the past timeline person we once were.

And eventually, our frequency/consciousness, ways of living, thoughts, feelings, intentions, new levels of understanding will most likely create the gap. This gap, actually our Soul guidance, usually inspires us to seek out those who are like-minded, matching in the frequency of the person we’re now becoming.

Most of us who have been on this ride for sometime learn how to surf between the multi-dimensional waves of consciousness as we evolve. I think this is often most true for families that may not really understand us or the lives being lived as we wake up. In my experience we can maintain those closest relationships, yet it is still a dance of frequency.

Therefore, the more time with those whom we can continue to be in our fullness of who we’re becoming, supports the anchoring of those levels of ourselves.

Yes, there is loss. Yes, there is grief. Yes, it can be lonely in the beginning. And, it is part of this glorious process to shine our light, to model to all who will be called to perhaps cross paths with us again, at higher levels of consciousness/frequency.

Growth in its essence brings about cycles of life-death-rebirth. The outgrowth of relationships is one such example of transformation.

But … our Soul and the Soul of everyone we love, is leading our journey. There is no right or wrong, there is simply being true to who we are at any given time along the way, so that we may grow, transform, evolve, remembering ourselves into the magnificence that we are. We all just travel at different speeds!

We are all learning as we go. Sharing from where ever each of us are at, on this unending adventure and remembering our multi-dimensionality, is how we serve one another. 

The New Earth/Higher Dimensional living will naturally draw the kindred hearts together, as the Age of Aquarius, so to speak, is infused with community, co-operation, unifying, helping and supporting one another in many ways. 

One way I can attest to this new reality taking shape, is that historically I haven’t been a community person. This is not even something that my personality is desiring, yet I’m intuitively being drawn more towards it. My Soul is leading the way. This tells me, not only is it an important stage for me, but it fits in with what is being noted in the awakening/Ascending collectives as part of the New Paradigm.

We don’t all have to believe or be experiencing the exact same thing, yet living from a place of honoring each others journey, living from the Heart, and connecting Soul to Soul, enables us to grow-up in spiritual maturity, together, as one family on this planet.

When it comes to what it feels like to go through this process, the more we speak about it, recognize that awakening is happening … we are awakening, the more we can normalize it. We then feel less alone and we can find our peeps that much easier. Because this is the new norm & what a blessing it is to be here to be living it! 

Seeking: New ways to bring together kindred family, who feel committed to consistent gathering.

I’m inviting ideas, desires, avenues of sharing. Drop me a note!

Unifying & Thriving In-Love ~