Your Invitation to Sacred Intimacy ~ a Path of Inner Alchemy & Sacred Partnership

Sacred Intimacy ~ a Path of Inner Alchemy & Sacred Partnership

We sit poised at a powerful time in the story of humanity. We could say we are at the precipice of a New Earth blooming forth. As any bloom, we must first seed the new.

Paradigms as shifting. Some are crumbling, but many are being created.

Sacred Intimacy ~ a Path of Inner Alchemy & Sacred Partnership is one such new paradigm. How we enter into relationship with oneself, others, the world of Life around us, is being re-written. Not on paper with pen, or even through technology. It’s being remembered through the awakening of Heart~Soul intimacy.

We have long been living, believing, seeing through perceptions of separation, division, competition, jealousy, lack. We have been taught to seek outside of our own heart, falling into forgetfulness of our own Wholy~Wholeness. For eons we have struggled to get our needs met from outside ourselves … acceptance, acknowledgment, accolades, and ultimately love. However, the kernel of truth we’ve missed is that, no matter how the extent to which we are met from without, if we have not met ourselves from within, the external attempts to quell these needs are fleeting.

Those whose hearts are aligning with the new paradigms of New Earth consciousness, are leaving the behind the consciousness of taking, clinging, or reaching out to get energy (love, attention, acknowledgment, needing, etc) from others. That chapter is closing.

The inner journey being offered to you is a stream of loving invitations, a new template to be anchored into this realm, in order to activate the divine blueprint within you. We’re in a time of initiations of our inner Sacred Feminine & Sacred Masculine. It is a homecoming within our own Heart-Soul, which then transmits harmony & balance with all.

It is a return to Love, a remembrance of your Wholy~ Wholeness, through a path of Relationship. There are stages and phases, or we can say, the energetic template architecture, that lead us to embody this new paradigm of Sacred Love.

You are invited to peer into the 3 Portals that lead you through initiations of the heart, to raise frequency & expand consciousness, in order to co-create Higher Love, as we work multi-dimensionally through personal mentorship and classes. These offerings are for individuals or couples.


The Portal of Inner Alchemy ~ Intimacy & Love with Self. This is known by other names:  Inner Marriage, Inner Union.

Reclaim your scattered energy from pain, loss, separation, to the Home of your Heart.

Embodiment of your Soul Presence

Experiential understanding of the intermingling, elemental dance, supporting harmony & balance, vibrancy & vitality, divine aligning, and true integration of masculine/feminine.

Marriage of your Inner Sacred Feminine/ Sacred Masculine through Self-Intimacy & Self-Knowing, which streams forth authentic Self-Love & Self-Honor.


The Portal of Conscious Relationship ~ Intimacy & Conscious Connection. This is a present paradigm of conscious loving. It is applicable to any relationship(s) and most often as romantic.

Conscious Communication practices, rooted in self-intimacy and the art of listening/speaking from ones truth.

Recognition of Needs enables clarity, ability to self-sooth, expectations of others, identification of belief systems when needs aren’t met externally.

Understanding the higher qualities of Generosity & Reciprocity.

From Co-Dependence to Independent, anchored in Self-Love & Self-Honor


The Portal of Sacred Partnership ~ Intimacy & Inter-Dependence sets in place the foundation for the Divine Union Blueprint.

Sacred Partnership expresses higher consciousness functioning, that is the result of purifying the heart & consciousness of past programming.

Knows oneself as an Integrated Whole of Sacred Feminine/Sacred Masculine

Realization of ones Wholy- Wholeness, as a Presence of Divinity, knowing thyself beyond one’s ego construct of external need or personality.

Lives in continuous deepening of intimacy with the Divine in oneself and with a Beloved.

Embodies Emotional Integrity, Radical Honesty, Loving Truth.

Each individual divinely aligns with ones Highest Self, Highest Good, and honors one’s own journey as an evolving Soul, first & foremost.

Lives from the Power of Loving Choice.

Restores the higher wisdom & purpose of Sacred Sexuality.


Do you feel called to begin your intimate journey?

Do you feel a curiosity to learn more?

Please contact me here or email me directly to receive specific details on this journey:

I’m truly thrilled & honored to begin this magical adventure with all beautiful souls who are preparing to anchor in these new templates!

In-Love & Honor,


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