The Sacred Perfection of This Now

Lovelies ~

How are you feeling these most recent days?

We’re in February, in the New Moon energies, and in the Age of Aquarius (according to most reports). I’ve been receiving some reports from clients regarding the state of their beings right now.

I’d like to share some key words that I’m hearing: Lost. Lonely. Weepy. Unmotivated. Confused. Uncertain. Assailed by wounding stories. Challenged.

I’ve also heard from the other side of the coin: Joy. Free. Surrendering. Just Being.

Granted, those experiencing more ease & grace are fewer, however I believe it’s important to recognize that the full spectrum is present. To recognize that we have all ‘been there’ in the lost, lonely etc. times AND to know that we come through to another kind of experience the longer we walk the path, I feel is reassuring.

For myself, I’ve felt the sense of aloneness rise starkly to the surface. As I closed my eyes to drop into the sensation/emotion, what I found was a deep sense of Presence; a void that held an expanded Fullness; and a stillness that seemed to ground my body & being so profoundly into the present moment of Peace, in which all was felt as Sacred & perfect.

We are individually & collectively clearing SO much right now. From what I understand we are being intensely ‘rained’ on by waves upon waves of Plasma Ray frequencies. I began feeling the freezing cold-to -the-bone energies at the end of summer, beginning of fall, and they have consistently been increasing into the winter.

Also, as the Sun continues to become more intense & bright. It is showering us with Solar Flares & Christed Crystalline energy creating beautiful sunspots if we pay attention to the changing of light in our vision, when outside. This isn’t dependent on the Sun actually shining, but for me it’s certainly heightened when the Sun light is exposed.

The last prominent experience I’d like to mention, is that of being in another ‘pause’ state in the world, in our lives, in our inner world. There was a major pause felt around 12/12 – 12/31 for many. We had some momentum again for a short time in January, and we’re in another lulling pause, where many things have slowed way down, heavy emotions rising up from the depths, and uncertainty as to how to move forward.

The overarching awareness to be had, is that our DNA is going through major upgrades. The Chrystalline 12- strand DNA is starting to turn on for many, and our consciousness is being expanded, along with our Heart centers.

None of this is a small matter & it’s often unpleasant in the mix of it … but it is very profound and exciting!

To all that is being experienced right now, and to those who are feeling challenged, I’d just like to encourage a surrendering into the unknown that is upon us, internally & externally. The amount of energies we’re receiving needs time to do it’s magic in the Sacred Technology, that is our body. It’s imperative to remember: Ascension takes place IN & THROUGH THE BODY and it creates many shifts in consciousness, that BOGGLE THE BRAIN.

Humanity is at a huge juncture that is both joyfully fascinating & dauntingly discombobulating. So if you are feeling your edges being pushed, you’re right on track!

If you are one who has been doing the deep work, cleared many old programs and you’re actively holding & stabilizing all of this divine energy, please continue to join me in turning your awareness toward consciously holding these new templates and states of consciousness for the collective.

This is a grand time, not seen on our planet before. Please know, all is perfectly transforming us all into a whole new way of being, living, loving, & creating!

As I sit here in Oklahoma watching the snow fall, in ‘teen degrees, this is not a normal winter. I’m keeping salt on the back steps so my sweet Moki can get out to the yard without twisting a leg on the ice and I’m anchoring deeply into this Now moment.

The Spacious Heart or Divine Neutrality is solidifying as the new norm of my being, as ego continues to be lovingly purified/integrated/dismantled.

Though I may be at a state of greater freedom & peace & grace than I’ve known yet on this decades long journey, I know too, that this is only the beginning!

So, thank you all for doing the work, whether you planned on this or not.

Thank you for seeking understanding if your previous life is falling apart.

Thank you for allowing your Soul to wake you from the slumber of eons.

Thank you to those holding the Light & Love, and being light houses for those just beginning.

And lastly, thank you to all of our assistance, including each of our Higher Selves, supporting & guiding us all, lovingly, patiently, gracefully.

In the Perfection of All That Is,


image: Cameron Grey