Prepare for Your Beloved~ Become Your Own Beloved

The paradigm of romantic relationship we’re programmed into that has existed for thousands of years is evolving. Though this evolution will take time, there are many waking to call of falling into love with one self, entering into the inner marriage, over time birthing a new paradigm of Sacred Partnership, before we come into a Divine Union with another.

This path speaks to the belief that we all have a divine counter part. That the soul has been split, separating us from our wholeness, similar to that of our separation from God/Source. We’ve been taught & needed to seek outside ourselves, looking for that which reflects the love back to us … from outside.

Inner Union enables us to remember/realize: We Are Love. A teaching of the Divine Union, is that, yes … the personality/ ego connection with our ‘other-half’ or as many refer to this as their twin flame, can spark the frequency in the heart that is needed to seed this process. And while it can lead ultimately to the profound divine union with our beloved ‘other,’ it must be consecrated in the inner realms to truly create the unification necessary for the evolutionary process being birthed. We must begin within.

In other words, at some point along this journey, the new template is created by the inner union- within as a priority. It is the first stage/phase of this journey. It is our own inner union that delivers us back to our Wholy-Wholeness, which is the sacred key which connects us to deeper level of Wholeness with our Beloved. This path is paramount, whether you carry the twin flame blueprint at this time or wish to transform your present relationship into it’s highest sacred expression.

We come together without lack or need, without holes needing to be filled by another.

We come together from a healed & whole self-love, harmonized within our own inner masculine & feminine.

We come together in service & reverence to one another & to a greater way of serving.

We come together learning higher ways of being in union, than we’ve known in the crumbling paradigm that is still predominant.

Though still far off for many of us to wrap our minds around, it isn’t our minds this new path is speaking to … it is our hearts. We’re opening, through curiosity, willingness to transform, desire for wholeness, and to explore & create a brand new reality of loving partnerships.

In Deepening Love of Our Own Sacredness,