The Sacred Intimacy of Inner Union

Inner Marriage, Inner Alchemy is calling. There is a shift in process … can you feel it?

For pondering …The Divine Feminine has taken the stage over the last years. Now the calling forth of the Divine Masculine is at hand, to enter into a sacred embrace within. As we all step forward into these new ways of being, over time, it will greatly change how we see relationship.

The evolutionary steps of this new union will eventually require uniting our own inner masculine & feminine. ‘Begin within’ continues to stand the test of time! Please receive the higher guidance regarding this shift in relationship paradigm:

“The Inner Marriage is an alchemizing of the elemental energies of the masculine & feminine aspects. The elements of all life expressions are expressed in form, of your & our consciousness. We say our, because we too are working with this union, merging levels of balanced Oneness of elemental expressions in the higher levels, more subtle, not always physical form, but with a consciousness that is evolving as well.

This pertains primarily to those working with the ‘twin flame’ or ‘divine-other’ on the inner realms. However, the inner work is paramount for remembering what true Love and relationship can be. This is the key to activating your ability to Love in the highest degrees. Beyond the personal, ego-defined love.

This Love expands not only who you are, but your very consciousness. To access higher frequencies, the higher realms, the higher dimensions, it is Love that is the elevator. The Love frequency will take you to the higher floors, the ‘higher’ one goes, the more complete the alchemizing. This allows you to access your divinity/divine human blueprint.

But the elevator, can also deliver you to more ‘human’ floors, with the elevator descending to ‘love’ within degrees of personalization, ego-attachment. All is necessary for learning. There is a new template being activated, a blueprint all of humanity carries & can access. But it requires willingness to release the paradigm of attachment to what is outside of you, and refocus within.”

This intimate journey begins with returning to the Divine Feminine within each individual heart. This is inclusive of any gender identification.

A deep journey of inner-reverence begins March 1. Registration details to soon follow.

In Divine Wholeness,


Art: Mara Freidman