Are You Feeling Amplified?

We’ve heard all year that this is an unprecedented time. This is usually in reference to what we’ve been experiencing in the 3D collective consciousness. The myriad of trials and tribulations many of us, all over the world have been facing.

What I’d like to address here and shine a beautiful spotlight on, is that this has been an unprecedented time in humanity’s evolution and spiritual transformation. Now, the prism through which these realities will be seen, will be determined by where you have put the focus and to what degree you have focused on either one or the other, or both.

For those who’ve had their focus primarily in the spiritual realms, what’s being amplified right now is so magical (although from the higher realities, it’s normal!), profound, and life as we know it is altering.

The energies at this time are literally amplifying whatever is held in our consciousness, known and unknown. Many revealings/ revelations are taking place within our own hearts. Depending on how much we’ve healed/cleared/resolved/integrated thus far, and how much we are willing to expand our consciousness to do deeper inner work, will determine the waves we ride right now and through the beginning of 2021.

What I’m noticing in the waking community is some deep-inner-work turbulence since the 11:11 gateway. Dreams have been intense, disturbing, and sleep has felt very much like non-stop work, giving little reprieve to the conscious work of the daylight hours. Anger, shame, victimization, fear, depression, judgment, and feeling out of control has risen to the surface for many. So much is clearing … keep up the good work! You got this & the Divine has your back!

Self-destructive habits and thought/emotional patterns have been rearing their heads with seeming more power than before … but we must remember, it’s because those energies are losing power and expressing their last grasping for survival.

For those who have been on the Ascension trajectory for a while, we’ve been witnessing the uprising of the last overt patterns of the ego construct, yet releasing them effortlessly and consciously. Once we have mastered the shadow clearing and integration, these moments realign fairly quickly.

This last year has enabled many to get in touch with their connections to Source Love, Highest Selves, and Soul Presence. Accessing the multi-layers of ones Being and consciousness, and opening to the sacred embodiment of Divinity, has been initiated for many.

The deeper we commit to our awakening and engage in our mastery, the world changes from this one material, plane of existence, to experiencing new realities unfolding … because they unfold through an expanded consciousness and heart.

It’s exciting to hear what those who are operating more fully from the higher dimensional levels are experiencing. Because our very own Sun is also amplifying it’s power and the Christed frequencies, the light may be almost too intense for some. Here’s a little science on the Sun to coincide with the Ascension perspective, from the Washington Post.

What I’ve been noticing since mid-summer just from being outside, is the increase of beautiful, multi-colored sun spots… pinks, greens, blues. We want to expose ourselves to the sun as much as possible. The Christed frequencies are Light Codes of new information, assisting our upgrading of the sacred technology that is the body/subtle bodies; expanding consciousness to access higher modes of perceiving; activating the Heart/High Heart to function from Zero Point/Unconditional Love/Unified Field.

As we increase our acclimation to living in this unified field state, we realize that everything is perfect, transforms and transmutes into the fabric of all of Life, which is Love.

Many are integrating and embodying deep unified Soul-Presence. This carries with it a grounded, growing experience of Oneness with the Divine. Oneness with all of Life. We are unifying little by little, our highest attributes, virtues, qualities, expressions, that spring forth from a Love & Wisdom, that is beyond our mere humanness.

Natural time is scooping us up, in a flow that is determined by the cycles and rhythms of our deeper nature, rather than by the mind which is conditioned to schedule, watch the clock, and be dictated by calendars. With this comes a different flavor of how the brain functions … so if your foggy headed, forgetting, or tired, you’re on track. A class on Natural Time will be offered soon … when timing aligns!!

Another jump into our next level will be available in just a few days, on 12:12. This gateway will be more powerful than the 11:11 for those ready to receive. What is experienced will be an amplification of what serves your highest evolutionary momentum. Many have been purging because of the 11:11 energies. Keep releasing, loves!! It’s just as it should be.

For those who are living in the higher dimensional levels already, having spent years doing the clearing, the invitation is to be in a state of as much non-doing as possible. Expansion will be amplified. and perhaps disorienting, as the ego-structure is integrating into the Soul-Presence lead of our Divinity, which is strengthening.

We are preparing through the 12:12 gate for Winter Solstice on 12:21, when we are expected to receive another boost into our Christed being-selves. Those who have already begun being initiated into this aspect of you, through meditations and activations, the invitation is to consciously be calling in this higher dimensional aspect of your beautiful Soul.

The invitation for us all during this unprecedented time in human history, is to align with your inner-Soul-self, your inner-verse, your highest potential. Anchor into prayer, meditation, spend time in nature, in emptiness. This is how we can meet the subtle realms and energy, calling us all forth at this time, to amplify your sacred YES! to Life as we’ve never known it before!

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As we enter the Age of Aquarius, let the Sun shine in!

In Celebration of Life & Love ~