The Great Jupiter Saturn Conjunction December 21st

This is a wonderful video that someone shared with me on FB. It’s Pam Gregory talking about the astrology this month. She confirms beautifully from the astrological standpoint the changes I’ve been sharing from the Ascension perspective. Remember, each part of the elephant being touched by the multiple blind men, each perceiving a little bit different experience? One thinks the elephant is the trunk, another the leg, another the big belly, etc. It’s still the same animal through different lenses.

I always appreciate the unifying of perspectives and each can bring a new exciting slice of experience to help paint a more complete picture!

Pam covers some really exciting points about the massive transformation in paradigms we’re undergoing, the shift in consciousness supported by the planetary alignments, and the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Many events right now haven’t happened in hundreds of years. It’s an exciting time, beautiful Souls!

So here’s Pam Gregory’s Youtube video

InJoy! And I look forward to supporting your December with the New Moon Light Language Activation. See December Offerings to register.

With Love ~ Lotus