Living from the Spacious Heart

One of my strengths is bringing the embodiment experience into clear communication of sensory based understanding. I believe this is important, because it’s through the feeling senses of the body, that enables us to really grock the processes we’re expanding into and through. Cognitive understanding has it’s necessity as well, however in my experience, it’s secondary. The sensory apparatus is what truly guides this ship, our Sacred Technology of the body. It’s the body that feels the frequencies and energetic shifts, as the mind expands.

I’m finding this new space really fascinating. It’s a return to me from the very earliest days of my waking, 2 decades ago. This time I have a deeper knowing regarding what is taking place and feel the ability to now sustain it in my being, since so much density has cleared. See Anchoring Unified Love as a prequel.

The feel of the High Heart and Zero Point Spaciousness that many of us are inhabiting from within themselves presently, and one that others are devoted to activating in themselves, is a game changer.

Living as the Sacred and in the Sacred supports returning effortlessly to the present, Presence.

Intimacy is found in all I come into relationship with.

In the laboratory of my own being, I’ve been experimenting with choosing to live from this more expansive 5D experience more and more. Each of us are being called into our living laboratories!

What I wanted to share about today however, is how surrendering into the spacious flow, that feels more like a void space, sacred emptiness, deep peace… no words truly can describe it… I’ve realized how I’m more able to access the ‘me’ I have in the past longed to be.

When I choose to live in the flow of my true rhythms and cycles, slow down, disconnect from unnecessary stimulation and distractions, I automatically come Home to myself. The day to day experience is becoming one of consistent ease & grace. Surrender is my companion. Productivity has shifted from the masculine paradigm previously dominated by activity, motivated by ego ‘success,’ or the need to be ‘doing’ so as not to feel lazy or more deeply, insignificant.

Entering into the intimate feminine flow, I’m a more attentive compassionate person, as I rest into the sacredness of my being. I’m a more patient, loving, and a present-presence parent to my fur baby, Moki. I’m more receptive to connecting with friends, being a better friend. I’m more spacious with clients. I’m a more conscientious and loving daughter and sibling. I care for my home more deeply, with the reverence to the sacred space that it is, including more attuned to the plants both inside and outside my home. I eat better, I sleep better, I’m relaxed in everything I do. My doing springs forth as inspired action, from the feminine pool of flow. I’m clearer in perceptions and hold less judgment. My body softens and releases contraction, pain, rigidness. I care more deeply and intimately for my own being. I enter into tenderness, gentleness, and honor for all of me, therefore all that you are.

In order to access this quality in my daily life, I’ve had to let go of some things I tried to fit in my schedule. Surrendering once again. And as I let go, I had to resolve the beliefs or stories or fears that arose from surrendering into a new mode of being.

When we unplug from the paradigm of ‘going and doing’ our nervous system also goes through a transition. It’s common to mistaken the down-shifting as depression or apathy. It’s also common for genuine repressed loss, sadness, or grief, to rise to the surface. These are opportunities to continue to surrender, heal, integrate, and re-calibrate. The body, mind, soul and spirit naturally are inclined towards peace, ease, grace, joy. It’s the programming of the personality that has had us believing otherwise.

My experiences over the decades of awakening has been preparing me for this time of truly being able to sustain and maintain this higher frequency living. I’ve had to make a decision to choose it. And fortunately, Ascension is This: Higher frequency access and ability to integrate and embody, the ever growing levels of Light and the necessary power to Choose it, to say a resounding YES! prioritizing in my life and consciousness.

Zero Point Spacious Heart is a pertinent Key!

Can we access our divinity and become the I AM Presence without opening into the flow of spaciousness, and surrender to it’s higher consciousness? I haven’t found it to be so. My experience has shown over and over, I must Surrender, let go, open up, trust in the divine flow, in order to enter these supernal states of being. And now, I’m learning to consistently live from that state. Mastery is the next level of our awakening.

This is the evolution of our humanity remembering it’s divinity. It is deeply experiential in the body, of the soul, flowing through the heart.

May we all choose to anchor into the 5D New Earth living!

In Unified Love,


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