Anchoring Unified Love

This 9:9 portal, has called me to drop into inner peace more consistently, more intentionally. These next few months, as we make our way to 2021 are going to be powerful for the Ascension trajectory. The intentions to anchor the higher dimensions & Light to support this plane and continue to clear all that interferes with the 5-D & beyond New Earth access, is on!

The leaps that have been made this year have been mind-blowing in some ways and ever so confirming, as many are glimpsing the higher potentials of reality being created. The last couple of days have been incredibly buoyant, expansive, spacious, peace-filled. Both grounded and floaty, with less need for egoic personality clinging. The Zero Point Spacious Heart is deepening and expanding a new consciousness.

During this time, it became even clearer that non-doing, the ‘just being’ mode is becoming more important for this next level shifting. The spaciousness is a necessity for opening to higher frequencies, clearer communication, effortless shedding of the ‘old skin’ of ego. It is in the non-doing. particularly now, we get a taste of what the new reality based on higher frequency living feels like.

It’s effortless, free, peaceful, graceful. There’s no need for rushing around, distractions, being the constant ‘doer.’ Divine qualities are innately present in these higher realms, because they are enlivened within us, as we learn to live from the Spacious Heart.

As I embark through this 9:9 portal, I’m re-committing, more deeply devoting my attention & energy to new levels of Higher Love and calling forth the right aligned guidance to support anchoring the New Earth consciousness into my own heart & assisting all who choose find their points of access.

The prayer that sang through me as I watched the clouds float by & the sun light shimmering on the trees a couple of days ago, I’ll share here with you to utilize or to inspire your own intentions.

Divine Love, Wholy Wholeness, my own Unified Self, please lead, guide, teach me the ways of New Earth Living.

I joyfully choose to increase my devotion and dedication to this Ascension trajectory, to anchor in the highest timelines available to me, for the highest good of All.

I Re-Align, Re-Define and Co-Create with the Divine, from a New Earth Paradigm. Choosing to let go of archaic systems as they dismantle through this current friction.

Igniting Unified Love of 5-D and above, I choose to embody, New Earth Reality!

As we continue to explore the new potentials available to us all, may we continue to clear away the confusions and amnesia, that have convinced us that we are any less than divine.

The sequel: Living from the Spacious Heart

In Unified Love,


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