The Perfect Recipe for Inner Alchemy

Since my mid-20’s I’d been called to sacred relationship, a desire for Divine Union. I also had absolutely no idea what that meant and no words to describe the feelings. My romantic relationships for most of my 20’s & 30’s, in no way expressed the ability to cultivate what the Soul whispered to my heart. But I was laying the healing ground work.

My own ability for intimacy, receptivity, self-love, only began to really percolate in my early 40’s, yet still baby stages. What I could or couldn’t connect to within myself would greatly influence the depth of connection I could access with my partners or any relationship for that matter.

It’s been my awakening/Ascension journey that has brought to life & to memory, that call of Soul I’d forgotten, however, that Soul-song never ceased singing me Home. The path of Inner Marriage/Alchemy & Divine Union is now more accessible for all, more than any time before. And humanity is ready to embody these teachings.

One of the New Paradigm Divine Blueprints streaming into human hearts at this time, is that of the Inner Alchemy/Marriage. This is an invitation of initiation, for those called toward a Sacred Partnership or Divine Union.

We come into personal union first, which births a new way of entering into partnership. Divine Fullness merges with Divine Fullness!

Realizing more and more, that everything is energy, we realize humans are expressions of many energies/forces. One of the basic templates for humanity is the Divine Masculine & Feminine. This is not about gender, but about the innate forces of nature that we all enliven to varying degrees within us.

Masculine and Feminine express as two aspects, two polarities, each comprised of elemental qualities, that appear as separate, but are in fact One Whole.

Because humanity has been under the influence of male dominant characteristics for thousands of years, this imbalance has resulted in many shadow aspects of a what is in truth, a naturally divine nature.

The feminine energy has now come into Her power, in order to restore harmony and balance and peace. Her divine nature is stepping up to the plate in both the outer world, but more importantly, through the inner world.

The Divine Blueprint of Inner Alchemy, is calling forth those who are activating this inner reality of divine balancing of the elemental expressions of ones inner masculine and feminine. This balancing will result in creating a new earth paradigm of divine qualities: equality, honor, respect, sovereignty, love, freedom, empowerment, etc.

Ascension holds the renewal of all systems by which humanity has lived and functioned. Relationship is a cornerstone. However, that cornerstone is now relocated to that foundation of each individual coming into Wholeness, Completeness, Oneness, with themselves, based on deep levels of Self-Love and Self-Honor.  Feel into each word. They carry frequency signatures of the divinity that you are.

Each individual has their own perfect essence of this inner alchemy or marriage. We can  look at our being as a compilation of basic elements:

Water   Earth  Fire   Air   Ether

We can also explore this conceptually as the primary colors on a color wheel:

Red  Yellow  Blue  which then comprise the secondary of Orange  Green Violet

And the last example, the 5 main tastes that the tongue detects:

Sweet   Salty   Sour   Bitter   Astringent   Pungent

The beauty of all of the qualities we get to experience, is that we could divide them all into either the masculine or feminine category.

Each of us are a unique blend of all of these expressions of energy (and more!) Our inner work is to reveal to ourselves the perfect recipe, the perfect flavor that we are, by blending the elements/energies into a harmonious, life affirming, homeostasis of Self. This is the alchemy of Source/Soul/Spirit Love from within.

Historically, we’ve been conditioned to seek this balancing outside of us, from another, who would ideally have complimentary qualities, to balance and harmonize with.  This is no longer the case. That is the old, crumbling paradigm of seeking this love from outside of ourselves.

The New Paradigm of higher dimensional reality, is falling into Love with ourselves, as our own beloved, mixing and blending our innate recipe, bringing forth the artistry of color and taste. And, healing imbalances of too much fire (masculine) or too much earth (feminine) or not enough of air (masculine) or water (feminine). In this we also discover the power of ether to ride both currents of our masculine and feminine.

The initiation of inner alchemy is to awaken and cultivate this perfect union of marriage within our Heart. We begin with surrendering to the Sacred Feminine whose awakened consciousness is ready to guide us deeper into Love. It is She who will teach us how to unlearn the dominant intensity of masculine presence, which we’ve become accustomed to embodying. She applies the healing salve to our eyes which have been crusted over with illusion, enabling us to see for the first time.

This allows our masculine to heal, to awaken into His proper place sacredness, standing side by side with Her, where both honor the innate divine wisdom of the other. This process of inner union, births a new way of living, thinking, feeling, prioritizing, relating, and Loving. It is here, in this inner union, we access deeper knowing of the point of creation.

It is each of us as our own expression of Oneness. Wholeness. Unification.

It’s no secret, just as all the Masters have said again and again: Begin Within.

As our own Sacred Feminine/Masculine ~ God/Goddess ~ Divine Mother/ Heavenly Father enliven within us, we step into our Divine Humanity. Inner Alchemy prepares and initiates us into the readiness for Sacred Partnership, which is a higher dimensional expression of Love & Service.

The Divine Blueprints are being activated. If you feel called to this stream of work, you most likely carry this blueprint within your heart!

Fall Equinox, September 22nd, we’ll be gathering to dive deeper into Inner Alchemy ~ Your Divine Wholeness.

To learn more about this sacred initiatory path in personal sessions, you may contact me directly.

In Divine Union,