"Go RAW!" This is how Debbie Rosas of Nia taught our White Belt trainees to drop into an almost instant relaxed state. I've been training my system to respond accordingly over the last couple of weeks. As this quickly became a favorite go-to practice throughout my day to day life, I began passing it on … Continue reading Go RAW!

The 5 Stages ~ a Nia practice

As many know, I'm retaking my White Belt Nia certification. The Nia system is rich beyond words. Only experience of the principles, dancing, practices, & sensations, as they are embodied can speak for themselves, in personal and intimate ways to each person. As I'm moving toward teaching classes soon via ZOOM, I'll be giving peeks … Continue reading The 5 Stages ~ a Nia practice

The Thread of Joy!

Twenty years ago, while living in Portland, Oregon, I took the Nia TechniqueWhite Belt training. I was a regular substitute instructor for a couple of teachers in town for a year, as part of my preparation to start my own classes.  My dream to teach this amazing body of work crumbled with the beginning of … Continue reading The Thread of Joy!