Lion’s Gate Embrace

We’re being embraced by Lion’s Gate and I’m embracing this energy back!

We have many choice points as we move through this portal to commit to a new reality. We’re being invited to choose the highest Ascension timelines that we can access at any given moment & activate our 12-strand DNA. All of this requires us to align our focus, attention, energy, thoughts, emotions, and actions with LOVE & the higher Truths.

There are many ‘revealings’ at this time. Many truths being shown from the lower dimensional perspectives, as we wake up from the grasp of simulated realities that hold duality and polarity.

As more of us awaken into the Truths of Heart & High Heart Love, the easier access we have to the divine, cosmic UNIFIED reality. Higher Love, Zero Point field holds Divine Love. Divine Love is the super power that unifies all polarity & duality, as well as the higher dimensional timelines.

The more consciously we choose our highest divine alignment, each choice we make, we align with the highest trajectories.

The celebratory fire of Joy is palpable as we align our hearts with the Divine!

As I’ve been settling into a deeper self-intimacy, inquiry, witnessing, and reassessing all areas of my life & journey, I find a joyful celebration sparking within.

Cultivating heart spaciousness & coherence,
Zero point, Divine Love is unifying all polarities,
and enabling greater release of the old matrix duality.

There are many truths, but I’m seeking the Truth of that reflects the divinity of humanity, living That within me, dropping timelines that carry any discordant frequencies, that inhibit higher realm living!

Feel the embrace of the Royalty that awaits being claimed, streaming its Light into our hearts & may we all celebrate! 


You are invited to visit the Library  for assistance in fine-tuning your Ascension journey during this potent portal!

Expansive Love to YOU!