Inner Union Initiation

There is a natural human desire to connect with a beloved. This is how humans relate, procreate, fulfill the tribal instinct of community, family, get ones needs met for touch & connection, and so forth. Yet …

What if our basic nature through evolution, through the Ascension process is altering this construct based on the past duality/polarity of an outmoded 3rd Dimensional reality?

What if we are moving from our ‘mere’ humanness into our remembrance of the divine-cosmic lineages we’ve originally come from, which begins at a 5th Dimensional reality?

And what if that level of consciousness, experience, existence, functions in ways we have yet accessed, through a higher Love? 

A fundamental teaching that we are all aware of is that the love we are seeking through another, is the love we already have within. The transformation, through direct experience of the path of Inner Union, guides us into remembrance that we are indeed Love ~ with a capital L. We begin to sense that inherently within our own being, without the externalized reflection of another, in personal love, we know ourselves as Love.

We are in the midst of this evolutionary time of transformation, that we no longer need another person to ignite this recognition.

The path of Inner Union is the journey of remembering the Love of the Divinity that we are. It is a consciousness. A frequency of reality many are being called to embody.

Prior to awakening, humans have known love from an external source only. We meet our beloved, our hearts open in love. We birth our children, our being is filled with love. We commune with our tribe, we feel seen & loved. We spend time with our fur babies, out in nature, or doing activities which inspire some form of heart centered response connected to love.

We’ve learned to love from the reflection of another looking back at us, believing the love is an effect of an external source. Because this is a construct of duality/polarity, we also experience the other side of the coin ~ pain, loss, grief, suffering, when that reflection goes missing. And then we seek once again to fill that void inside, from the outside.

While this isn’t right or wrong, it’s simply a phase in our evolution. We’re now evolving to another stage of understanding and consciousness.

Inner Union invites our focus to be drawn within, to fall into Love with oneself. This happens through healing and transforming the separations of this past paradigm conditioning, based on the egoic construct. We learn that we carry the reflection in our own being.

Inner Union, through self-love and self-honor, initiates us into our innate Wholeness as we recognize our Divinity. This initiation is in phases & stages of multidimensional remembrance, beyond our limited person-hood/personality. We journey toward the unification of our inner polarity/duality of masculine/feminine, sun/moon, and all the elemental configurations that make up each individual’s unique expression of Wholy-Wholeness.

Inner Union is the initial stepping stone into the new paradigm being ushered into our evolving consciousness, supporting the New Earth reality. It is the preparation for the new blueprint for relationship, the Sacred Partnership of Divine Union.

Know thyself deeply, intimately. This is the way to Higher Love.

If you feel called to explore this path of Inner Union through mentorship, please visit offerings HERE.

In Love,