Romancing Your Own Divinity

Last night’s meditation ignited in me an inner light, fueled by a spontaneous smile of the Divine shining through my being, as I was swept up in an expansive flow of deep love for myself, that surpassed anything I’ve experienced thus far…

Oh! but wait, let’s back up a bit.

So, I’m what you’d call a serial monogamist. I’ve never been in any dating scene, and don’t have have strong attractions very often. If I have a strong attraction to someone, it’s a signal to me that this person is part of my learning  & growth, through the container of romantic relationship.

A couple of years ago when I had my astrology chart done, it was already written in the stars that my path of learning was via relationship. It confirmed what I already knew, and the astrologer confirmed that it was a good thing to be aware of. Why? Because it was clear to us both that happily ever after, with one person, forever, was not likely in my forecast.

I dreamed of happily ever after early on in life and believed one day, I’d find that forever person. Then in my 30’s, after another few year relationship that I’d grown out of, I began to think differently. And by my 40’s I knew that the fast track of my own spiritual evolution was my soul’s priority. Not even a great love would be able to hold me for too long. This has been both a blessing that brings so much bliss, joy, celebration & freedom into my life, as well as the experiences of loss, sadness, heart-ache & feeling victimized occasionally by this journey.

My marriage ended last year, though we are the very best of friends. We had a beautiful 16 years together. Fortunately my husband and previous beau, both had the same kind of trajectory as me. Growth. Expansion. Self-exploration. Raising Consciousness were written in their souls as well. When my husband and I realized we both needed very different things in order to evolve into our individual next leveling, we celebrated the loss of who we’d been together and the new openings we were stepping into.

Now all this being said, for most of my adult life I’ve engaged in pretty conscious relationships, with awakening men. But in the early days, it was hard for me to be single, and I wasn’t alone for very long. I didn’t know how to ‘be alone.’ It was easier to find people I was attracted to when I had unhealed emotional wounds running the show.

Seeking love. Seeking validation. Seeking to prove I was important. You know, the spell of conditioning most of humanity is under. Look outside of ourselves for love and to know ourselves, through the eyes of another. My wounds would match their wounds and off to the races of dysfunction we’d go!

Fortunately, this was my training ground. I healed, explored, analyzed, made changes in myself. Over time I grew healthier and clearer in my own self, and each relationship became healthier, but there was still that desire to be connected to another.

The teachings I’ve received over the last 2 years have taken me on a very different course of finding love. My path of relationship along this Ascension journey of awakening and human evolution has now transformed into Embodying Self Love through Inner Union or the Alchemical Marriage.

It is a romance with my own divinity.

As lofty as this sounds, it is becoming a very real aspect of our evolution. The masters of many traditions have all imparted teachings regarding the homecoming to LOVE within.

This process is that of merging our own inner opposites of male/female and the elemental alchemy that enables each individual to cultivate ones own wholeness and the recognition that we each ARE LOVE.

We no longer need an external reflection to enliven this divine knowing within our being. The divine frequencies we are receiving from the Cosmos and the 12 Strand, Chrystalline DNA that is activating within the sacred technology of humanity, is supporting the remembering that WE ARE LOVE. That is the frequency we are all learning to hold and emit and know of ourselves, if we so choose.

Does this mean we will not have relationships with others? Not necessarily.

It can mean however, that we don’t need relationship to experience that we are loved. We don’t need to seek relationship to fill any holes, so that we feel Whole. We don’t need an external reflection of validation, to prove our worth, to ease loneliness.

We are being guided to find profound freedom within our own being… of expansion, of Light, of Divinity, of Love. This then we will be called to share freely, unencumbered, without expectation, but freely flow through giving and receiving, graciously. This is a game changer for what we have perceived as ‘romantic relationship.’

These are the gifts of this time. These are the gifts of human-spiritual evolution, through falling in love with ourselves. My experiences of the last 2 years have purified my heart and enabled it and my consciousness to expand into a beautiful love story with my own being.

And the results are the increasing of light in my being as the frequency of Love as me, integrates. I find more Joy in being just as I am, with honor, humor, tenderness, intimacy, and of course, Love.

I continue to look forward to what lies ahead. There are more stages & phases, with no doubt. There always are!

But the invitation is to begin within, into this magical journey of divine self-sourcing. An Inner Marriage of you with you, so that you can bring all of you into a Sacred Relationship. This also prepares those carrying the Twin Flame Soul Union codes, to physicalize onto this plane, your highest expression of Love & Service, together or not.

The inspiration grows for this next level of my journey. Relationship remains my teacher, my path. For now though, the relationship is with this radiant divine Light igniting my heart with deep connection to Divine Source, where we are always Whole & Wholy.

In Wholy~Wholeness,






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