Two becomes One

Floating in the Divine Feminine abyss, for as long as She desires, I surrender to Her rudderless, actionless.

Unplugged & untethered, once again from all that had been known, She is activating the new paradigm from within.

Our Sacred Masculine awaits his call. He recognizes his human counterpart ways now fall. The past reign is done, his well of loneliness, wounded past, is ready to fill. When He arises transformed from Her waters, Heart to Heart they will greet.

Intertwining through us, harmonizing our hearts, creating a New Earth, deepening in Trust & Faith, the Living Loving Wisdom of the Two-in-One and One-in-Two, will lead the way, from all the confusion that has led us astray.

Dive into Her abyss. Swim in Her healing waters.  Douse your active fires.

Re-calibrate. Heal.

Come Home to who you are once the programming is gone!

Arising together from within, the reflection will ripple out. Emerging alchemized, equalized, stabilized, harmonized.

Intertwined through Inner Marriage, Amplifying the Love of the One.

In Harmonious Love,


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