Normalizing our Spiritually Evolving Beings

“We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

What does this mean to you?

What are the spiritual being aspects of you?

And what is your human-ness? 

These are becoming more pertinent questions as more of us are awakening from the past conditioning & sleep of denser, contracted levels of consciousness. Many are expanding into our spiritual selves. For me this is one way to speak of the awakening process. I also speak of it as experiencing our multi-dimensional existence & higher frequency reality. 

For over a decade I was silent about the spiritual experiences I was having. For one, if others weren’t experiencing similar things, they simply weren’t able to wrap the brain around what I was sharing.  Also, I felt too woo-woo. And I had judgments of woo-woo, which meant I had judgement of myself.  For awhile I was afraid of being rejected or judged, as this was how I was treating myself.

And finally, it all just felt too complicated to talk about.  I narrowed my world to the very, very few I could share with freely; shared cryptically with others; or didn’t share at all. In the end, all of this meant that I felt alone, isolated, and felt that I was contracting from the expanding truth of my own being, until it was just easier to narrow my connections even more. 

Thankfully, 2012 brought a growing reprieve from isolation, as more people have begun experiencing their own being expanding from a mere human-ness, to  the spiritual, multi-dimensional expression of themselves. This process, I also call Ascension,  heightens the connection with God/Source/Divine Love Presence within our hearts & consciousness. 

The quantum perspectives that EVERYTHING is energy, everything is connected, we are the creators of our reality, we are inherently connected to the Universe, and much exists beyond what we can see with our eyes or measure.

Beyond the spiritual component, that could be misunderstood to be only for those on a spiritual path, is that this next level of interconnectedness & raising of consciousness is the Evolution of Humanity, to return to more fully/remember more clearly their spiritual selves.

“The Dalai Lama believes that the connection between quantum physics and spirituality is obvious. According to the world-renowned spiritual guide and teacher, all of the atoms in your body include part of the ancient canvas that used to make up the universe. You’re stardust, connected biologically to all living creatures. You’re made of invisible, humming energy, connected all at once to everything that exists … Quantum physics is an important and complex discipline. It seeks to define and understand that which you can’t see or measure.” Exploring the Mind/Dalai Lama & Quantum Physics

Spiritual traditions of the East had their own language for quantum understanding and taught of our multi-dimensional nature.  Yogic practices & teachings of the “Eight Limbs of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.” which include hatha yoga & meditation, are the preparation for our awakening into expanded consciousness, which includes our multi-dimensional nature.

Jesus & the Gnostic mystical traditions also taught that through our re-birthing into our spiritual selves, we become like angels, accessing other realms … multi-dimensionality. 

As we move into 2020, I’m proposing that those of us who are experiencing our spiritual selves, beyond our human-ness & integrate all of these aspects of self, begin to share more openly with one another, in our spiritual communities, and in our circles of friends & families.

I know of many clients & students I work with are expanding into their own multi-dimensional awareness.  I know too, this is taking place in other groups doing deep healing & spiritual work. 

The sooner we begin to normalize this so called ‘phenomena’ we integrate our human-ness & spiritual selves: 

The less fear there will be of our own & other’s inner realm experiences.

The more openness to our inherent divinity we will have, the greater our empowerment to align with God’s/ Source connection.

The quicker we will heal & integrate the suffering of separation from Source Love, coming into Wholy-Wholeness.

The more easily we can access Love, which delivers us into knowing more fully the beauty of the multi-dimensional reality awaiting our open hearts.

With Love,