Usui Reiki Initiations/Training

Reiki is a gentle hands-on energy healing practice, channeling of Universal Life Force. It’s used widely around the world, for all ages, in hospitals, for pets, and even plants. It naturally supports balance, harmony, and healing throughout our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being.

I offer Reiki Initiations as a spiritual/healing practice, for me it is a sharing of deepening into the Sacred, into the Mystery.  This is one reason I appreciate small, intimate groups or private initiation. It is a time and space of ceremony, experiencing our own innate divine connection, and sharing. The Usui tradition and lineage is respected as a part of this training, including history and energetic connection.

If interested in being initiated, please contact me directly for class/private scheduling.

Level 1 Initiation:  This is a 1-2 day training, depending on number of participants. You are attuned to the Reiki energies and taught about the self-practice importance of this spiritual practice.  You will learn about the history, have a light lunch together, and have time to practice after your initiation/attunement.  Included in this training is 1 follow-up session with me, for questions or to receive a Reiki treatment.  | $155.00 |

Level 2 Initiation:  You will be attuned to this next level of Reiki energies over a 2 day weekend.  This will include education, receiving of symbols, initiation, practice time, light lunch, and sharing. Included is also 1 follow-up session.  |$222.00|

Level 3 Initiation:   You will be initiated into this last level as a Reiki Teacher/Master over a 2 day weekend. These 2 days include education, receiving symbols, learning how to attune others, practice time, a light lunch and sharing. This level is suggested primarily for those who intend to teach/attune others. The request is that those participating in the Level 3/Teacher/Master training, be practicing Reiki for at least 1 year and receiving Reiki treatments throughout the year. I always appreciate supporting the deepening of practice with those who have trained with me, especially if you are intending on being initiated into the 3rd Level.  |$777.00|

These are special classes offering much transformation before, during, and after initiations. I look forward to celebrating this with you!

Blessings ~ Lotus



Embodying Light ~ Multidimensional Healing & Light Language Activation

My approach to Multidimensional healing is an organic, intuitive process. Your physical and energy bodies are assisted in releasing tensions and blockages, as well as clearing energy patterns which keep you trapped in self-defeating behaviors and beliefs.

Sessions are intricately intertwined with Light Language, which are high frequency divine codes of information, which I also refer to as our Heart~Soul Song, which has it’s own language. As a conscious vehicle, I create a sacred space of intention to connect with the highest vibrational forces to assist you/humanity in your/our spiritual evolution.

May we all rise into our Highest Love & Light

our Divine Passion & Purpose

our Divine Self & Highest Service.

The beautiful Languages of Light are highly transformational and efficient in helping us to let go of our burdens and know Love, on a very deep level. Light Language is a language of Love. They are already known to our most deepest self, our Highest Self. While the intellect is bypassed, what is communicated during the healing sessions, our heart and soul recognize deeply as love.  As said after a session recently by a client in tears:

“I feel like I’ve come home, somehow. This language is so familiar to a deep part of me, and I’m just remembering something which I hadn’t known.”

Another lovely recipient referred to her first time distance mini-activation in this way:

“It’s like receiving a personal love-note from the Universe!”

These light codes and frequencies are of different divine origins. When I use the word divine, I’m referring to pure qualities of the highest vibrations of energy.  They stream through sacred tones/ sounding, breath, spoken language and through symbols. Languages of Light carry vibration/frequency that uplift our dense frequencies and entrains our energy field to acclimate to higher qualities of being, such as Love, Compassion, Joy, Peace, Generosity, Gratitude.

Whether Angelic, Universal, Earth, or Elemental, they are here to assist our hearts to open and our consciousness to expand. In this process, by clearing denser energies of self-sabotaging thought forms and emotional patterns, we have more power to make choices which serve our Highest Good and that of others.

As a vehicle for frequencies of Light & Love to flow through, in order that they may connect with the Souls I serve, I feel it’s one of the most powerful ways I can be of service at this time. See More.

The Universal intelligence of Light Language aligns with our highest Heart and Soul, adjusting to the resonance of each person’s vibrational needs in the moment. They help support us by initiating clearing, balancing, activation and alignment with a new vibration of Well-being.

The Language of Light speaks directly to your DNA, activating and re-coding your personal vibrational signature. As your Highest Self is accessed more easily by your conscious awareness, your life begins to flow with more ease and grace.  It is not translated as a word-for-word transmission – it is a multi-layered alchemical transmission of information.

Become a’lit in Heart & Soul, as your being is returned Home through Divine Codes.

Returning to remembering, the Light that you are, Love radiates, as the shrouds fall.

Tongues of Light, spark your Heart, to expand your Truth as embodied Divinity.

These divine frequencies come forth at this time because we are in a powerful time on our planet, known as Ascension. It is a time when the frequency of our planet is quickening and rising, and we living on Mother Earth are experiencing this same rise. The Ascension process encompasses all of us, individually and collectively. Humanity and the Earth itself. This process of awakening is innate within all of us, and is uplifting our heart into connection with the Divine. These frequencies of Light create a heart opening and connection that assists  your evolution.

During healing sessions, higher dimensional frequencies, your Heart~Soul Song, Language of Light, ‘speaks’ to your energy field, finding a resonance that balances you on profound and practical levels. While your mind may not understand the sounds or ‘words,’ your subtle bodies, and your heart and soul have a recognition of this ancient connection, understand the support and respond in concert with your receptivity. These are just a few of the benefits:

  • Deep Relaxation & Rejuvenation
  • Clearing Outworn Patterns for Healing
  • Clearing of Negative Energy Attachments
  • Chakra Balancing & Clearing
  • Subtle Body Aligning
  • Supports Choice of Joy & Releases Attachment to Suffering
  • Activates Self-Love, Self-Honor
  • Ascension Symptom Balancing
  • Earth Grounding & Universal Connection
  • Divine Heart & Divine Power Center Activation
  • Highest Self / Highest Potential Connection

These sessions are deeply transformative and are divinely ‘designed’ for these times of rapid spiritual evolutionary growth. You’re invited to explore more in the blogs postings on this site.

See Languages of Light: Speaking in Tongues of the Divine

Blessings ~ Lotus