Where Do You Find Empowerment?

As we are watching the great shifts taking place in the world at this time, many are experiencing that the laws, systems for money, food, gas, healthcare, etc., our basic survival needs becoming less stable and more unpredictable.

Present day society has taught us to find our safety, security, and stability outside of ourselves. We’ve come to rely on other people, places, or things as our rock, and when those things fail to supply what we’ve grown to expect, our foundation starts to crumble and panic drives us to find that next external life line to hold on to. This way of operating, of living, is rarely given a second thought, that is until now. The old ways have served the previous stages of human development. But friends, ‘the times they are a’changing.’

When we remember to witness everything as a temporary expression of evolving consciousness, we remember that everything is always shifting. Nothing is static and Life itself is forever dynamic! It’s when things stay the same for too long, stagnation, imbalance occurs.

One of the ways that the expansion of consciousness, the raising of frequency, and higher dimensional living is showing up, is through learning how to anchor embodied, empowered states of Self-Trust & Self-Authority, from higher spiritual maturity. There are many words/labels we can use to describe this phase of our awakening: Self-Empowerment. Sovereignty. Personal Authority. Standing in Ones Truth. Listening & Honoring Ones Own Inner-Reality. Operating in the Highest Good for All.

I’m sure you get the gist.

There is a call to a whole other level of divine maturity. I say divine maturity, because it’s different than the ways we’ve been conditioned to understand maturity. Or adulthood. It comes from the remembering that we are divine-humans.

The old paradigm taught us that maturity was based mostly on how one is able to play the game of the material world, the 3-D Matrix. Go to school. Get a good job. Earn a good living & save money. Get married. Have a family. Own a home & car. Go on vacations. Retire comfortably.

These ways have served our society in many wonderful ways. They aren’t wrong, they have just been out of balance. They can be and have been easily twisted and used against many. If you notice, this expression of maturity places values of importance on the external, material world. They are deeply intertwined with the financial system, the leading system that has been used as one of the strongest trappings to the material plane. It has conditioned and programmed the collective consciousness of ‘civilized society’ in ways that undermine the well-being of humanity, the planet, & all inhabitants.

This is no news to anyone. The majority (not all) of 3-D consciousness operates as machine consciousness, mechanical consciousness. It works because of the deep conformity to spoken and unspoken contracts, laws, and abusive power wielders.

This has determined our safety, security, & stability. The majority of the population in developed countries, to varying degrees, has agreed to being controlled, manipulated, and being asleep to this reality. Let me say here, that this isn’t about good/bad, right wrong … although many things can swing to either side of that pendulum when we see only from polarity. I believe all of it is only stages/phases of spiritual development.

What is a given in this consciousness, the externally focused, is the natural byproduct for many is chronic stress/illness, compromise of personal truths, unconscious or conscious fears that drive motivations. It feeds addictions, anxiety/depression, disconnect from Soul connection, disconnect from the benevolent, natural power of nature, and forgetfulness of the sacred humanity that each of us are. Just to name a few.

When these areas of previous life-lines begin to tremble, the reality of who we have thought we are begins to crumble, if we haven’t learned how to find Source within.

What is rising in a bigger way presently, as these old systems are falling, is that many people are feeling more anxiety, out of control, deeply insecure, confused and uncertain where to turn. This is because we are being invited … or pushed into understanding that our true safety, survival, and peace, comes by living from within, through deeply embodied & expanded states of consciousness. Within the Sacred You.

The power lies within us. And yet, because of the spiritual immaturity, the emotional immaturity, and the degrees to which we are afraid of our own magnificence, don’t know how to step into a power based on our Soul Presence. The longer we fear our truer selves, the harder it will be step into our sovereignty.

The new systems that are being created are those that will treat and honor the soul level of humanity. It is the understanding that we are not machines on this planet, to operate governed by rules & laws that don’t address the complexity of the beings that we are. Machine consciousness discounts complex emotions, thoughts, needs, uniqueness, and operates devoid of Love & Compassion & Deeper Understanding. It is a sever imbalance of the masculine expressions, which has been severed from its feminine counterpart.

The evolution of this time is maturing us in ways that will empower us through Love, as we continue to Know Thy Self, which is a result from honing the deep Self-Sourcing, which connects us to Divine Source. This is Life, loving us into the Wholy-Wholeness that we are. For as the Towers fall, it is both the towers in the world, AND the towers within us. As above, so below. As within, so without.

Through the mastery of healing the loss of and claiming our inner Trust, Authority, Honor, and Love, our beautiful, radiance of the Fire Phoenix rises. Again and again and again!

With Deep Love & Blessings ~


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