Sacred Self-Empowerment Class

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Self-empowerment. What does this mean to you? What does it feel like to you?

In the last blog article I wrote, Where Do You Find Empowerment? I wrote more at length about the changes happening in the world and about the sovereignty of humanity. I just listened to the Full Moon in Capricorn report by Pam Gregory which is upon us presently, and at it’s full point on Wednesday the 13th. In there she echoed much of what I wrote about previously. Divine aligning! I love it!

The paradigm of power is shifting. How it has been expressed and how it will be expressed is re-birthing. Our relationship to power is very unique, personal, and has complex inner/outer dynamics. Some of these dynamics serve us, some don’t. And some of us believe power is a dirty word, that it is ‘unspritual.’ Others are afraid of it. While some of still don’t feel that we have a right to our own personal power.

What is your relationship to power? And, Why is this important?

To continue this conversation & exploration, I’m really looking forward to the class,

Sacred Self-Empowerment on Saturday, July 23rd.

In Person & Zoom

Saturday, July 23rd

1 – 3:30 pm CT

Enchanted Abode Residence

Sliding Scale $12.22 ~ $22.00

Recording Replay Will Be Available Or$JamiLindley

please note with payment: ‘Sacred Empowerment’

Recording Replay Will Be Available

This class will support re-orienting our relationship to power, trust, sovereignty, self-sourcing, etc. as we recalibrate to higher expressions, higher dimensions of Sacred Empowerment. This will be interactive, activating, & amplifying! 

Details, physical address, & Zoom address will be given with registration.

I hope to see you here, at this lovely new abode or virtually!

In Love,