Full Moon /Lunar Eclipse ~ Journey into Your Embodied Sacred Presencing

This Full Moon (Sunday/Monday) brings the energy of action, momentum, manifestation, and of course, all cycles carry the expression of clearing.
Filling ~ Emptying ~ One supports the other. This is part of the Sacred Feminine Spirals of Life. 

As you move through this weekend’s energies, remember too, that though the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio (or any eclipse energy) isn’t just a moment in time. The transformational energies last for periods of time. They will be present & active in your field/body/mind/emotions, doing their work. The questions for all of us, is: “How present do I choose to be in connection with the potential growth opportunities that are here?” 
“How devoted am I to deepening my relationship to Life?”

I’m excited to offer a guided Inner-Journey, for those who feel called to explore your own Relational Presencing for Sacred Embodiment. This is a sip into what is available as we deepen into Sacred Embodiment.

This journey will support your connection through this weekend & beyond, as you practice. When we’re inviting in the feminine, it’s relevant for men, women, & all orientations. This isn’t about gender/s, it’s about qualities of energies & the inner alchemy process that is this next stage of our embodied evolution.

If you’ve checked out any of the videos I shared in the last newsletter a couple of days ago, you’ll recognize that the Feminine is the growing focus for this years foundation.

These softer qualities aren’t negating some of the fiery, wrathful feminine energies that have a sacred place. However, that stage initiated me by fire years ago, and these expressions are what I’m here to share at this juncture … but one never knows what the next spiral will call for! 

Let’s Journey!

At this time, find a place to relax, become comfortable. Create time & space for yourself to sink into this journey. Simply breathe as if you are practicing an eyes open meditation. Read slowly in relationship with deepened breathing.

There’s nowhere to go. Nothing to do.
Allow yourself to be in relationship with your breath.
Notice that you are present.
Feel this moment.
Sensitize the the subtle flow of your breathe for a few moments.

Allow your body to release.
Soften. Open. 
Take one more deep breath in & exhale with a sigh.

Say inside your own being:
“I am now Home, settling into my own sacredness.”

Take a moment & feel the increased intimate relationship, with You.

Next, in this stillness, I invite you to begin to observe/inquire/recognize:  
What is up in your life right now that doesn’t feel optimal? What are you perhaps trying to push away? Ignore? Deny? Have fear of? Angry or Sad about?
Or anything else that is taking up space and no longer serves you. 
This can be anything, big or small. Allow what is meant to show up organically. 

Breathe. Receive. Close your eyes & look within until find this experience. 

Once you see/feel/sense what is not optimal at this time, imagine this ____ is its own conscious presence. 
Allow yourself to enter into a relationship with whatever this expression is showing to you, teaching you.
Breathe deep, receive it’s Presence.
Listen within. Do you feel it in your body.
Allow yourself to feel all the feelings around this experience. 
There’s no pushing it away. No need to fix or solve at this moment. 
Notice that as you enter into this space of self-intimacy, into relationship, you are Sacredly Embodied. 
You are present with Life. 
You are in relationship with Life.

As you hold space for your own precious self, your own deeper experience, you can begin to inquire: 
“How can I move into a more optimal sacred relationship with myself & with Life?”
 try to answer with your mind. 
Just listen from your depths, from your Body Wisdom.
 Patiently. Reverently. Trustingly. 
If nothing comes in this moment, allow it rise from your Souls Song, when it’s time. 
Cultivate these moments of Sacred Self-intimacy, Sacred Relationship. 
Hold space for Revelations to be revealed.

Next. Stay in this connected Sacred Inner-Space.
Connected, in your Sacred Feminine Presence.

Take a deep breath in & Let Go.

Now, begin to bring into your awareness, something about yourself or your life that you are called to Celebrate.
What Magic has occurred as of late? What success desires to be amplified? How much Love are you ready to Receive? In what areas of life are you Flourishing & Thriving?

Breathe. Receive. Close your eyes when you have met your Celebration. 
Simply bathe in your own Radiance.

Surrender into deeper receptivity of your experience. 
Breathe in the Joy, the Success, the Magic, the Abundance & Flourishing into your heart.
Feel the Sacred Presence of Life all around you.
Sense that you are One with Life? 
Receive this beautiful, healing, supported Sacred Relationship within you
Allow yourself to bring that Soul Presence, down into your Sacred Center. 
Experience the Sweetness of this intimate relationship.
Know the Preciousness of You
Feel your Sacredly Embodied self.  
Embrace the Inner-Space nuances & subtleties of your Magical Being. 
Allow Celebration to Enliven you & invite in more Life to fill you. 
Remember, you are a Sacred Vessel of Divine Love. 

Divine Love expresses through your Embodied, Sacred Vessel,
through Devotional Relationship of Sacred Intimacy,
held by Sacred/Divine Feminine frequencies. 

I invite you to sit in this Sacred Container that’s been created for as long as you feel called. 
Continue to sense & feel. Open your heart to the Devotion of Sacred Intimacy, Relational Presencing, as you swim in the Living Waters of Life.
Cultivate this Power of the Subtle, the inner-space relationship. You won’t be disappointed! 

May Your Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse be Received in its Perfection, 
With Love & Blessings ~