Happy New Year ~ 2022 Gifted activation

New Year Blessings All!

I have for you a gift! Please InJoy! 2022 New Year Light Language Gift … this video is not public, so please keep the link if you’d like to return to it.

This year is amplifying our abilities to hone our co-creations with Divine Source, through the frequency of Divine Love, living in Divine Alignment with our true Heart-Soul desires.

As we move through this next phase of Ascension, many are now ready for this next cycle of living a very new kind of life, in the multi-dimensional energy of 5th dimensional consciousness & beyond. We’ve been diligent in doing the deep work, that is freeing our hearts & minds from past 3D conditioning.  

If you’ve done the foundational work, this year we are moving from the beginning stages into mastery! And we are witnessing the next wave of Souls are just stepping into this miraculous adventure! 

I’m happy to be sharing with you all a gifted Light Language Activation call to support us all in entering into 2022 carrying the highest frequencies we are prepared to hold.  This call is activating many of the themes that 2022 is bringing in to the world & our human hearts, that will be boosting us into our divinity.

This next stage is one of deep spiritual maturity. 

Some of the themes are energetically woven into the activation, which we’ll be working with in depth this year through group calls, personal mentoring, or in community building gatherings are: 

Divine Co-Creation ~ We are Creator Beings
Mastering Higher Frequencies ~ Frequency becomes the Consciousness of Reality
Inner Union ~ Embodying Wholeness of the Divine Masculine/Feminine Principles
Aligned Soul Truth ~ Living as our Soul Signature
Self-Responsibility/Maturity ~ Integrity through Highest Personal Choice/Personal Authority
Soul Presencing ~ Embodying the Christed Self
Freedom ~ Breaking Free of the Old Paradigm Programing 
Deepening Faith & Trust ~ Direct Experience Wisdom
Nervous System Nourishment ~ Understanding the Necessity of a Balanced NS
New Earth Living ~ Knowing Life as a Bountiful, Flourishing, Loving Celebration

We have the opportunity to choose & create a deeply empowered life and world, dear friends. Since the 11:11 portal opened, of which we are still in it’s continuing wake, I’ve been planting the energetic seeds very consciously for how I wish to experience my reality & serve the collective in this evolution into Spirit.

This year & into 2024 are monumental for the realization of New Earth. As I’ve been making clear conscious choices to unplug & untether from the old paradigm ways of thinking/being/living, I’ve gotten to experience how the conditioned & programmed tethers of the denser frequencies hold us captive through lower chakra shadow consciousness. Some of this has been a challenge to break those chains … and yet, it can be done!! 

Breaking free from the layers I have (of which some still remain) has been so greatly empowering & has delivered me into the arms of Love, Faith, Trust, as well as living life from a sweet, serene, flow of grace. I can now imagine what it will be like to live from there more consistently & more expansively. 

This is the process we all have available to us. It is how we return Home to our truest divine nature, being in the world but not of it … creating Heaven on Earth. Heaven begins within our own being. 

If you have intentions for this New Year, I invite you to hold them in your heart as you listen to this 2022 Activation Call.

Are new to the Ascension journey?  
Do you feel a need to stabilize in a clearer foundation of understanding of all the language/experiences spoken about? 
Are you ready to say YES! to your own awakening but wondering how & where to begin? 

To assist this process, go to the Art of Sacred Embodiment Library.

Here you will find classes & workshops to send you on your way! 
From now through February, once you complete a class or workshop, I’m honored to offer a gifted private session to anchor in the information & answer any questions.

More to come in how this next year of being of service is going to flow, from me to you! 
There are some awesome offerings simmering, I can say & will post them on my blog soon.
I’m still allowing some shedding & disheveling of an old me … not quite ready to rebirth yet, surrendering to divine flow & alignment. 
However, I will be sharing as I surface & until then, please stay connected to by ‘Following’ this blog.

I appreciate all of you & am blessed to be on this journey with you each!

May We Expand & Rise through Higher Love ~