Divine Smiling

Yesterday during a distance session with a client, we talked about the importance of retraining our systems ~ mind/heart/cells ~ so they vibrate with the frequencies of Joy … Peace … Love … ❤

It’s been more the norm for many of us to live with a constant undercurrent of worry, melancholy, anxiousness, depression, anger, stress, etc. Energies of limitation & density shorten the experience of our moments of Happiness, Joy, Bliss, Peace, Love. These densities show up to be resolved and neutralized, healed and integrated, due to Life’s lessons.

Often times those emotions end up ‘sticking’ to us & we feel them as ‘That’s just who I am.’ When in fact, our essence is the Lightness of being rather than the denseness.

One practice that’s been of value for myself & clients is incorporating a technique of smiling in the cells, much like the ancient Tibetan practice, that I don’t know the name of 🙂 Unless there is something up & present that needs to be resolved, I continued to hold in my heart/body the feeling of how much I love my pup. I chose something that would fill my heart & bring a smile to my face effortlessly. He does it every time! Allowing the smile to spread on our face begins to retrain our being with a higher frequency.

I practiced too, just smiling whenever I realized I wasn’t. Especially when I went to sleep at night & woke in the morning. It’s been shown that smiling changes the waves of the brain & stimulates the frontal lobe, facilitating positive feelings & a sense of well-being. It became clearer that this lighter vibration/state of being began to shift into the norm, and the dense emotions shifted into being the exception, rather than the rule.

My body/mind/heart was transfoming, which transformed my perceptions of the world/Life/people as well. I’d already done much work on my own self-acceptance/self-love, but I felt this take my relationship to self to a next level too. Presently, I can see easier when there is heaviness of sadness, anger, etc. if it needs to be healed/ resolved, or more importantly if I’m in the throes of old, unconscious habits of attachment/addiction to a state of suffering/pain.

Sometimes in the middle of the night when I wake up, I realize I’m smiling & feeling Joy, and deeply at Peace. In contrast, up until this practice, the middle of the night was usually filled with a free-floating sense of doom or anxiousness.

At this juncture there is literally more Light/Love streaming onto our planet, as we are ending a Yuga/Age/time period of thousands of years of denser energy on the planet. This means the access to our hearts, to higher frequency states/inner qualities of energy & emotions will be easier for us to cultivate in our beings … we are returning to remembering the essence of the beauty we are.

Maybe this practice will assist you too in connecting more deeply with the your own Light & Love! If you haven’t already come across this technique before now, I invite you to remember … Smile!

Letting our Light Shine Through!