InToMeSee ~ Intimacy

The process of Sacred Embodiment is introducing us to deeper levels of intimacy.

The Wikipedia dictionary definition of Intimacy states: An intimate relationship is an interpersonal relationship that involves physical or emotional intimacy. Although an intimate relationship is commonly a sexual relationship, it may also be a non-sexual relationship involving family, friends, acquaintances or colleagues.

As I’ve been exploring deeper embodiment of self-love and the Inner Union/Inner Alchemy the last couple of year, intimacy has been rising to the surface. We can expand on the above definition through our direct experience of the sacred qualities/frequencies present when we enter into this divine relationship within our heart, body, mind, soul.

Intimacy enables us to be open, present, receptive, and vulnerable.

Intimacy enables us to hold space for all that is present with a sweet purity and innocence. It moves through us with subtlety and grace.

Intimacy becomes us when we surrender.

Intimacy is the entryway to the present Presence of the Divine within.

I’m introducing Sacred Intimacy into the Ascension journey, for all who feel called.

Please listen to this short overview of what is to come: Sacred Intimacy

I’m putting together a beautiful, deepening, experiential journey of Sacred Intimacy Initiation which will be unveiled soon, for both men and women.

With Deep Presence,