Soul-Source Empowerment

Ascension moves us inward toward a dance of intimacy. It’s a dance with the precious empowerment of our own being, a dance that informs us of the beauty of all beings. But it begins with knowing innate truths about ourselves, before we can deeply realize them in the other.

It is the deep intimacy with Soul Embodiment that prepares us as beings of rising consciousness and expansive hearts, as we are remembering ourselves Home to our divinity.

Ground level manifestations of our own evolution must begin within, just as the masters have always guided. The cultivation of Self-Responsibility and Self-Empowerment are ground level traits, that enable us to celebrate and attract the highest levels of alignment.

The more solidity we create in the faith and trust of our own ability to access our own inner resources, to stand in our inner truth, and to walk through life intimately connected to our Soul presence, the more we are the living grace of this responsibility and empowerment.

This deeper connection to a direct knowing from within, transforms all of our relationships. This of course begins with our self and then it ripples out into how we dance energetically with the many collective frequencies.

The old paradigm of separation conditioned us to seek outside of ourselves. In this expression of consciousness, we are neither in intimate relations with the subtle nature of our own true being, nor can we be that with others. Previously, in our evolution, we’ve had to rely on external modes of survival, physically and emotionally. However, the Ascension process transforms this from the external to the internal, for those who choose.

It is the inner connection to Soul & Source, the new paradigm that transmutes and transforms the conditioned/programmed consciousness, from the lower density to the higher frequencies.

When we are feeling disempowered based on the belief that what is outside of us holds sway over our freedom, happiness, security, survival, and safety; or when we believe that the outside world of people/places/things/situations are responsible for our inner peace, we relinquish our responsibility and sense of power, to something outside of us.

As an example, if I get caught in the maze of needing others to think, believe, feel, act, in ways that will make me feel safe and free, or if I expect or demand others to behave as I believe is ‘right,’ I miss a much bigger intimate picture going on.

A fragment of that picture is that every human being has their own journey, lessons, and experiences, that predisposes each choice, feeling, action they express. If I am relying on the outer world to convince me that everything is ok, I will most likely always be trapped in a web of fear, anxiety, powerlessness, distrust, etc.

Unconsciously, I will feel compelled to syphon the energy of others in order to make myself feel soothed in whatever way I’m craving. This is a reptilian, survival brain in action, based on emotions of fear, scarcity, and dominance. I must always look closely at what I’m judging in you, because the energy signature of that judgement is buried within me, even if it’s expressing itself in a way I can justify or rationalize.

On the other hand, when I have deepened my own understanding and connection to my desires and needs, through the intimacy (In To Me See) of my own being, (which includes my conditioning, personality, thoughts, emotions, energetic lessons) I take responsibility and am empowered to find my peace and truth from within. I can find my center, regardless of the outer realm. I can access my clarity & Source connected faith and trust more easily. I can rest in knowing I am more than what I am feeling at the moment, just as those who I judge, feel frightened by, or have an inner dialogue of stories running through my head.

This is simplistic of course, for the sake of brevity. However the consciousness transformation within our own being, can and is being transmuted everyday, by those committed to doing so.

The trick is, we need to pull our attention back into our own inner recesses and get deeply up- close and personal, with what it is we are attempting to ‘get’ from outside of us. What do we believe we lack from within, that is compelling us to give over our power?

As stated by one of the people in The Social Dilemma, “The attention extraction model is not how we want to be treating human beings.” I will reframe that to also be the ‘energy extraction’ model is what has been used to keep humans outside of themselves and disempowered from their own sovereignty.

The world is rapidly transforming and we each are being given opportunity after opportunity to reclaim our power, through developing spiritual maturity muscles of self-responsibility, which at the deepest level takes place within our own Soul/Source connection.

Therefore, beautiful being …

Sit in the stillness of your sacredness.

Feel the breath wash through you, effortlessly.

Gather your scattered fragments, back into your Heart.

Let them settle into your depths and simply rest in the Peace of your own precious self.

You are Home.

You are divine wisdom & power, you only need look within.

Ascension is inviting all of humanity to grow into very new ways of functioning and relating first to ourselves more intimately, Soulfully, sacredly, reverently. As we cultivate this, the outer frequency/consciousness is transmuted into the innate potentials of our great ability to be Love Empowered and Unified through higher consciousness.

These invitations will continue to evolve as we evolve. We will continuously be held responsible for our choices, our energy, our emotions, and our thoughts. In this we will be empowered (or disempowered), based on those choices.

We are co-creating with the quantum Universe more palpably.

The energy that vibrates & lives within us, is the reality we see, create, live in.

There are exciting times ahead and much that is unknown, but that is what adventures are all about! And we are in the midst of the biggest adventure in humanity’s lifetime!

Here’s to our intimate dance with self-responsibility and Soul-Source Empowerment

With Love,