Commitment to Rise

Embrace that which creates more genuine Joy, Peace & Harmony, in your being . Allow your choices to carry the ever up-grading vibratory signatures, which will support your ability to hold new levels of Light & Love in your heart.  I once had a discussion with one of my teachers, about 6 months after receiving … Continue reading Commitment to Rise

Life Reflects Choices

The last few days of incoming energies, has spiked the frequency for us all once again, as we come closer to the Full Moon on Tuesday. In making inner/outer space for these higher vibrations, I've listened to my body & taken more down-time, quiet-time, drank more water & have been grounding outside, connecting with Mama … Continue reading Life Reflects Choices

Guidance from the Light~ Stablize & Anchor

Greetings ~ We are here to talk with you again as we move through these powerful planetary shifts. We feel it is time to stabilize the energies that have been moving through you as downloads. The energies that have entered everywhere on the planet, for many of you, they are still swirling. The more they … Continue reading Guidance from the Light~ Stablize & Anchor