Space for Grace

I'm always in wonder, amazement, and awe in the spiritual unfoldings, of myself and others. We travel far and wide seeking beautiful vistas, new sites, adventures, and thrills. That is indeed a part of choosing this earthly life. There are many jewels to be found and not overlooked or taken for granted. And yet, I'm … Continue reading Space for Grace

Embracing Your Sacred Self

Lovelies . . . What comes to mind, to body, to heart, when you hear the words Sacred Feminine? Sacred Womb? Sacred Self? If it stirs in you a knowing, a curiosity, a sense of wonder or awe, your in the right place. She is the force within, that calls us inward, that invites us … Continue reading Embracing Your Sacred Self

Guidance from the Light

"Our Dear Brothers and Sister, We are embarking on new levels of trust and faith. Connect to them in this way. Ground & Center your being, become inward and silent. Breathe. Soften & Expand your heart. Feel your Solar Plexus ignite with divine power. Draw this awareness up through your center, your heart and out … Continue reading Guidance from the Light

Elemental Prayers

Not too long ago while spending time up in the park, I was called to connect to and give thanks to the elemental forces. These forces make up all of nature, including our own beings. They then each spoke their sacred languages of Light through me, bringing my being harmony and balance. The ancient Essenes … Continue reading Elemental Prayers

Time Out ~ Time With-In

Time has slipped by rapidly as of late. I've been diving within, but feeling the first subtle ripples of readiness to re-surface. It may seem as I've abandoned my site, before it's even become firmly established. The ebb-n-flow, I rock-n-roll with isn't always one of consistency. ┬áJust like Mother Nature, we also go through cycles … Continue reading Time Out ~ Time With-In