Flourish & Thrive in Your Soul’s Purpose

Spring is bringing forth her abundance!  As many of you know, I love playing with the energy/frequency/qualities/consciousness of words. It's a method of embodiment. I invite you to play with a couple of words with me.  Close your eyes. Connect to your breath ... inhaling & exhaling. Drop into your Sacred Centering & Grounding. Relax into this Now … Continue reading Flourish & Thrive in Your Soul’s Purpose

Time to Activate & Amplify the Change of Seasons

Full Moon & Spring Ahead Blessings All ~ The Moon & Spring-time Activation/Amplification was beautiful & strong!  We are being supported in creating new divinely aligned timeline through this portal. So honored to share with you! We are constantly receiving new qualities/expressions of the rising Cosmic-Divine Frequencies onto our planet, as well as flowing into … Continue reading Time to Activate & Amplify the Change of Seasons

New Earth Celebrations Upcoming Events

April is upon us, preparing for May flowers! We're creating new experiences for strengthening the Divine Light on the planet & it's access into our Heart-Souls, for the Highest Good of All! Please join us in building this momentum, as well as the new earth communities. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MONTHLY New Earth Celebration Circles at the Josh … Continue reading New Earth Celebrations Upcoming Events