Deeper Seeing

For pondering …

One of the most challenging shifts in perspective can be the realization that what I see/perceive/believe about what is around me, is because that frequency, first exists within me.

If I have a predominant view of the world/individuals as being victims, it is my unmet victim reflecting unhealed powerlessness.

If I have a predominant view of the world & it’s people as being a dangerous & scary place, it is my own unmet, unresolved fears projected around every corner, which may have been a real experience at one time, but not presently.

If I have a predominant view of scarcity & lack, it is resonating with my own unmet needs/wounding of love, connection, sustenance.

If I carry a predominant fear of death, it is my own unmet, unexplored relationship to that which lies beyond the physicality of this world

If I have a predominant view of the world & others as suffering, become overwhelmed with that suffering, it is my own unmet, unresolved, unseen suffering that I am seeking compassion for.

If I continue to view the world, life, others through the unhealed distorted lenses based on my own unmet, unloved, shadow aspects of my own self, I will be prey to all the forces that hook, line & sink me through my own blindness & unresolved inner darkness.

Through these distortions there is a good chance …

I will suffer for others out of a shadowed compassion.

I will fear mortality, which creates deep seated anxiety.

I will wrestle with never having enough, without the presence to question deeper & receive the grace present.

I will experience again & again, the pain of fear & give my power over to psychological, fear-based programming, that is powerfully wielded at this time.

I will cling to what is familiar, even if it doesn’t serve the highest potentials of vitality, joy, peace, love.

These distortions will encourage me to believe that I nor others have innate power of self-sourcing, self-responsibility, a right to choose their own suffering (consciously or subconsciously) or peace, & I will miss a truth that they, just as I, am on a personal soul journey.

We all have our own personal triggers which we are being given a powerful opportunity to truly see our own unmet, sacred shadow selves.

The invitation is to go within, heal our inner distortions, raise our frequency, so that we no longer resonate with the pain-reality outside of us.

The less pain/suffering/fear we carry within, the less those qualities will be created outside of us.

We can choose to hang out in the timelines/realities of chaos & fear.

OR we can choose to begin or continue to wake up & create a reality that is much more Life Giving.

The more deeply we heal, the more beauty we see, the more magic we perceive, the more peace & harmony we amplify, the more empowered we become, the more our world transforms, the more we connect to our Wholeness, the more we co-create a new reality.

❤ Lotus