Fly into Your Light

Recognize the dark, but keep flying into your Light ~

We each have our own unique awakening journey in this life. You maybe called to one path, particular experiences, which your soul leads you toward, in order to find your sacred truth & wholeness. I may have another.

A key point I’ve found, especially during challenging times, when darkness seems to loom large, is to remain awake to what each experience is serving in us. If we fall into sadness, grief, or anger, can we remember these are our Shadow teachers?

Allow them to teach us and not identify that this is ‘what I am.’

Turning the focus within, letting go of judgement or right or wrong, allows us to see clearly what untended need within is us blistering. Honoring our Sacred Shadow, enables the necessary healing balm of conscious awareness and allows us to soar free to the next level!

It is in recognizing these dark patches, that Light is brought into our our heart, and we remember once again, we are made of the Light & Love of the Divine.

Blessings of Fall ~


art: Mara Friedman