What’s Inside, is Outside

Ascension family, the next 4 months are going to be chock full of opportunities to choose a brand new experience of how we see ourselves and life. Those who have devoted & dedicated themselves to the awakening of not only themselves, but humanity and our planet as a whole will have little rest as we hold the highest intentions of Peace, Unification, Light, & Love for all.

The New Earth access is ever so accessible, however, we have to make very clear choices and up-rise our frequency in order to sustain this new consciousness, paradigm, & it’s systems.

The necessity for shadow work is imperative. I talk about often Shadow Work ie: acknowledging/healing/ clearing, releasing/resolving/integrating in sessions, on calls, and pretty much most conversations. Why?

The very short & simple is that, whatever density of pain, anger, divisive mentality, or emotional suffering, is inhibiting one’s frequency from vibrating where it needs to vibrate in order to reach the higher consciousness. This means issues or patterns on the surface or buried deep within the subconsciousness. I know this isn’t new to most of you. The encouragement is that you start or continue to do the work, if you feel aligned with accessing greater Freedom, Peace & higher Love, more rapidly, than slowly.

We are in an intensely triggering time in our world. Therefore, its also important to understanding what is inside of us, is what we see outside of us.  Part of my personal inner work (Shadow Work) has been to face trauma from other lifetimes/timelines. These expressed in my present self as free-floating, powerlessness, or deep anxieties of fears, of certain situations. I can tell when I was/am connecting to those timelines when my reactivity jump-starts big emotions of indignation, judgment, rage, fear, and fighting for change in the outside world, with only an external focus.

As we go through our lives in the day to day, doing whatever our part is in the world to be of service or simply living with a semblance of simplicity, be mindful of what triggers YOU. Take time to turn the mirror inward, instead of only projecting the pain & suffering as if it’s separate from you. You won’t feel it in a big way, if it wasn’t in you, as a part of you. You are trying to save & heal you!

Have you noticed that one person feels such deep passion or reactivity for one cause, while another person feels it toward another major issue. It’s not indifference. It’s not being unaware of the cause another person may feel needs to be focused on. It’s because of the memory/timeline/wiring/energy in each person, is drawing them to that specific resonance. 

If you feel rage at racial injustices & violence, look inside to see where you have been a victim of specific kinds of violence. You most likely won’t find it in this timeline, so you’ll need to allow somatic sensation, openness, and curiosity, to be your guide. If you feel powerless or terrified regarding the injustices, slavery, or authoritarian control/power threatening to take over the world, follow that thread in you.  If you are terrified of illness & death, this frightening experience already lives in you. Click here for a short video that guides a process of releasing this density in your system.

An important task is resolve the old timelines/memories/subconscious/karma triggers that run on the Quantum levels, operating within our consciousness. They aren’t past/future as much as all simultaneous. To dive a bit deeper, please see Understanding Your Ascension Experience in my Library.

There is often times misunderstanding regarding the lack of reactivity,  particularly from Lightworkers, that there is too much focus on light & love, and not enough 3-D activism. The reality is that many of us who’ve been on this journey for decades have either healed/resolved the triggers from other timelines or memories and we no longer carry those imprints. 

When we’ve cleared density, it doesn’t land in our reality with reactive intensity
The response is very different, which isn’t to say, uncaring, unacknowledged or unaddressed.
Many Lightworkers are doing a very different kind of work, based on higher dimensional functioning. 

As I’ve mentioned before, we do need those individuals doing the ground work right now. My encouragement is that is be done from a neutral, healing place, so as to truly change the frequency & not re-traumatize oneself over & over, which then maintains the lower vibrational consciousness.

The on-going practice as I see it, is to focus just as much on dismantling all of this from the inside, as is focused on in the outer world: our fears, anger, indignation, powerlessness, etc. Look within or find help to do that. Release & collapse those timelines running in your field & consciousness.

As we do this, Divine Light frequency enters into our consciousness & heart, taking the place of our rage, indignation & divisional perspectives. 

Yes, we see the trauma outside of us, because it lives first within us. Because we are like projectors shining onto the screen of the world, what is locked inside of us, we create a world based on that density, on a planet that is designed to function in duality & polarity. By this consciousness projecting OUT, we feed/create the reality we are projecting, that lives in us, in the name of fighting it.  

New Earth is a 5-D existence. It is designed to hold the frequencies of Love & Unification … no longer division. All life is transmuting into this new existence. Some will transitions quicker than others. It is based on choice.

As each of us heals/resolves/neutralizes what is being triggered inside of us, we find deeper clarity, peace, expanded understandingwhich enables us to answer our calling & support the world and her inhabitants, from a place of higher understanding & more Light.
The more Light we hold, the more we project that out into the world, the more that’s what we create.

Over these next months, may we all be gentle with ourselves and with one another.

May we remember we are all in a very personal, deep healing process, that is waking up more unidentified shadows, that are being illuminated by Divine Light.

May we also remember, that within each of us is a Divine Spark, growing with as much power as we each can allow and hold.

Holding the Love & Light,