Inner Marriage ~ the foundation of Sacred Relationship

Ascension is opening humanity up to many new ways of seeing & being.

Relationship is no different.

We’ve seen over the years a growth in conscious relating, in a number of types of relationships, if you know where to look.

And there remains the old paradigm that has continued to devolve in it’s levels of debasement. A leading programmer of this devolution is the entertainment & music industry. These programs thrive on layers of human wounding, self-rejection, self-negation, disconnection from the sacredness of our body temples, which serve to exploit both the wounds of masculine & feminine sexuality. Add to the mix, the backlash of puritanism, religion, the work place, & general confusion on deep soul levels, we’ve been a bit of mess. No one has really escaped these distortions of thousands of years.

However, in the past decade we’ve seen the rise of the Sacred Feminine and now the Sacred Masculine is coming into his rightful place, with a majestic blooming into our inherent divinity.

The seeds of this blooming though, are not based in gender, righting wrongs, or trying to maintain old roles. The seeds for the sacred to unite, lie within each of us.

The seed for humanity to enter into a new era of honor, equality, devotion, sovereignty, & Love, with an upper-case L, is a path of each individual’s inner marriage, the inner alchemy of our inner feminine & masculine. It’s a dance of consciousness & the elemental expressions within each soul.

Coming together with another, without the past dysfunction, pain & suffering programming, power imbalances, etc. a new divine reality will be birthed through each of us, by falling into love with oneself ~ First & foremost.

Balancing our inner polarities, aligning our true nature through the healing of harmony, self-listening, self-acceptance, self-love, and self-honor. Both the masculine & feminine are ripe for a higher healing & integration.

We are being called into our Wholy- Wholeness.

It is the new blueprint that is being activated by those who are prepared to step into a next leveling of human spiritual maturity, based on the embodied direct knowing of the divinity within each human heart.

Enter into your own Temple Being and KNOW the Love that you are!

Inner Marriage Mentorship available. See Offerings page ~ ‘Sacred Embodiment Mentorship’

With Love & Blessings ~


Art: Autumn Sky