Rising with Care, Ease & Grace Part 1

Traveling along sacred paths, though a blessing, it isn't always easy. There is deep work involved on our part, as we co-create our new being-ness with the divine. ¬†We stumble into realms where all the rules we believed to be written in stone, no longer apply. And how all of this unfolds in our body … Continue reading Rising with Care, Ease & Grace Part 1

Guidance from the Light

"Our Dear Brothers and Sister, We are embarking on new levels of trust and faith. Connect to them in this way. Ground & Center your being, become inward and silent. Breathe. Soften & Expand your heart. Feel your Solar Plexus ignite with divine power. Draw this awareness up through your center, your heart and out … Continue reading Guidance from the Light

The Path of Surrender pt 3 ~ Embodiment

Embracing the Sacred Feminine and the Path of Surrender is one of great, subtle power. Divine Embodiment is the awareness of the Sacred, within our humanness. Embodiment requires stages of Surrender to the Highest qualities of Light and Love, within our living temple body. It is this aspect of working with the Sacred Feminine which … Continue reading The Path of Surrender pt 3 ~ Embodiment