Interconnectedness of Descension

Here we are in the middle of Eclipse Season and landing in our bodies, as our Ascension is becoming a very pronounced Descension into Sacred Embodiment. Little did I realize a decade ago, how many layers & levels of Sacred Embodiment lay ahead. And indeed it is an artistry of our inner & outer landscapes, … Continue reading Interconnectedness of Descension

Time to Activate & Amplify the Change of Seasons

Full Moon & Spring Ahead Blessings All ~ The Moon & Spring-time Activation/Amplification was beautiful & strong! ¬†We are being supported in creating new divinely aligned timeline through this portal. So honored to share with you! We are constantly receiving new qualities/expressions of the rising Cosmic-Divine Frequencies onto our planet, as well as flowing into … Continue reading Time to Activate & Amplify the Change of Seasons

Floating in Liminal Spaces

This writing finds me slowly exiting almost a full month of liminal spaces. Liminal space, psychologically speaking = A liminal space is a point of transition. It's the middle ground between two grounds, the mid-structure between two structures. When you're in a liminal space, you're neither here nor there, neither this nor that. February has been … Continue reading Floating in Liminal Spaces

Divine Feminine ~ a Living Mystery from Within

The sacred path of the Divine Feminine is not what is followed from that which is outside of us, but from what is already written within. It calls us forth as we listen ... & listen even deeper still. When we say 'Yes' in response to that which sings in our heart, the path becomes … Continue reading Divine Feminine ~ a Living Mystery from Within