11:11 Portal Infusion

So, how are you all doing? How’ve you been feeling the last couple of days, as we approached & entered into the 11:11 Ascension Portal? I’d love to hear how you’re feeling if you’d like to comment below.

Well, I’d hoped to make a post in support of all of you for these energies. But alas, my bootie got booted starting on November 9, 11-9.

I had the opportunity to be in a pretty thick, discombobulated, heavy, confused state for a couple of days. Head-achey, nausea, chest tightness & oh-so exhausted. Tuesday the 10th, I crawled into bed around 1:30 pm, surrendered to my own Divinity/ Wholy-Wholeness/ Highest Selves. I dropped into a deep silence for a few hours & invited them to go to work.

What came up to the surface to seen & acknowledged, wasn’t pretty and didn’t feel good. But as I say to my clients: ‘Better out than in!’ I received deeper clarity & more freedom from the illusive personality/ego construct. This work has continued into today, as I’m now focusing on re-patterning and anchoring in the Christed/Diamond frequencies with lots of Light Language streaming through, to complete the upgrade that I’ve been in for smoother sailing through this portal.

I’m always so grateful for the other side of these tunnels. However, sometimes when I’m in them it feels like that tunnel doesn’t have a light at the end. But of course, it always does.

The Light is always, has always been inside us all along.

The shifts that have been initiated over the last few days, will be instrumental to the next leveling of higher dimensional, co-creation of personal mastery. Personal Mastery is one of the aspects that 11:11 supports us all who are choosing that path to move into.

As always, these inner journeys are opportunities to grow more deeply, more intimately connected to all that we are, even as we transmute what was, into the rebirthing, of who is being revealed.

I feel the changes & steps to be taken aligning me divinely illuminating in my sight!

We’ll talk about this portal & the choices we’re being invited to make, as well as activating your next-leveling on the New Moon Light Language Activation Zoom call, Saturday evening. I’m also opening this call up for Q&A. Please email me at lotus@artofsacredembodiment.net ahead of time or bring them to enter into the chat.

To register for the LIVE call of the REPLAY, please see the November Offerings post.

Until then, I invite you to follow the lead of your body’s wisdom. Your Soul knows how to support this journey, yet we have to surrender to the guidance.

I look forward to seeing you soon, lovelies!

With Love & Next-Leveling Blessings!