Awakening in Process

Living in these human bodies, we are a living force. And we are enlivened by a myriad of forces.

As we evolve multi-dimensionally, we recognize the force we are, evolving to higher states of consciousness. Expanding, deepening, raising.

Our awakening, the Ascension process we’re all undergoing to varying degrees offers us the opportunity to know ourselves on a much grander scale. This adventure happens in the inner world primarily, through the purification of the heart. Then it can manifest in the world.

It is the heart that is the secret passageway to our higher dimensionality, our divinity. The heart holds the key to accessing the reality experience of living peacefully, calmly, joyfully, lovingly, gratefully, spaciously.

Our Sacred Technology, our physical body, is transforming to support our evolution. When I speak of the heart, I mean both the 4th Chakra and the High Heart, which includes the 5th Chakra. These are components of our Sacred Technology. And when I speak of purification, I’m referring to the process of moving from the personal love, that attaches to emotion, feeling, people, places, things, timelines, and experiences preference, judgment, attachment and loss. Personal love functions in ego states, polarity & duality. This isn’t good or bad, it’s been a necessary stage of our human development.

Raising our frequency and expanding consciousness, eventually will lead us into the non-personal realm of Love ~ with a capital ‘L.’ This Love is unconditional, non-personal, holds in equanimity all polarity. It expands into a super power of our divine self, based on Spacious or Divine Neutrality. Love functions in the higher realms beyond the ego construct, in states of Unification and Oneness.

We have the ability to access frequencies of unification, oneness, and equanimity, free of constrains & repelling that is expressed through the dual nature we’ve been conditioned into to believe.

There are points of readiness for each individual, as awakening is a process of phases & stages. This year of 2020 is reflecting however, that these phases can move rapidly if we choose. There are a myriad of timelines/realities existing simultaneously, to a much more obvious degree. For instance, every time we walk out the door into the collective arena, or engage on social media, we see people living from and experiencing the full gamut of ones personal truths. These are the multitude of realities and timelines, based on  personal choices of emotion, belief, actions, and thought forms.

For ease of discussion I use the description of Mouse, Songbird, and Eagle views to clarify stages, though they are rarely completely black & white.

Some people are fast asleep to the Ascension process taking place. They are not yet ready to awaken. This is the Mouse phase. Perhaps their soul lessons require remaining in the mire of fear, struggle, chaos, death, survival. This is a soul choice that is made, that maintains the old program of addiction to pain & suffering, without knowing they have a choice to transform it… until an awakening takes place.  See video on Attachment to Suffering & Shadow Work

Others have missions that keep them in the collapsing lower dimensional mix. A phase of our learning and evolution is to be on the ground level. The Songbird traverses the higher and lower energies, assisting others in accessing and understanding the crumbling realities of the intense collective awakening, while still awakening themselves to their next leveling into the unified consciousness of Love. Yet as they continue to do their inner work, moving toward Love and raising their frequency, their mission will shift. A previous activist archetype can run it’s course, enabling a next higher level of consciousness to step forth, assisting in another way.

And some are playing out a role as the Eagle, after perhaps decades of purification of body, heart & mind, along the awakening journey have reached stages of detachment from the drama, in the world, but not of it. They utilize their direct experience of Spacious Heart activated equanimity & neutrality, to assist those who are ready to move into the higher consciousness realities of Love and Unification, releasing the paradigms of division, polarity & duality.

And we can be assured there are other levels beyond these known initial stages of humanities evolution!

The divine-cosmic evolutionary experience of Ascension is guiding us all, through the unknown to an embodied understanding that we are divine-humans.

There are many teams here to assist all who are ready to wake-up. There are teams of individuals at all levels of this process doing good work, sharing what we know, as we know it, for those who resonate & are ready to jump on the Ascension train!

We are all working together to leave the old paradigms behind and actively creating New Paradigms! Short videos to explore more deeply what goes into Creating the New:

New Paradigm ~ Timelines & Higher Self Pt 1

New Paradigm ~ Timelines & Higher Self Pt 2

Saying YES! to Divine Humanity Pt 1

Saying Yes! to Divine Humanity Pt 2 

If you’re hear and reading this, I trust that to mean that you’re making the choices, in the highest alignment for you, to travel~ consciously~ this amazing journey with the collectives that are creating a brand new world. Thank you for saying Yes!

With Love,