Coming Home to the Heart

The darkness of winter is upon us, and so are it’s blessings. While we think of holiday’s, celebrating with loved ones, the beauty of white snow, fire light & warmth on cold winter days, there is another element to December.

The darkness, the long nights that grow longer up to Winter Solstice, can be seen as a summons to from Mother Nature & Soul, to take some time to dive within. Especially this year, as we move toward 2019, the call of the darkening days and nights, asks us to reflect deeply on what no longer serves us, what is ready to be released & let go, to die away, so more space for the renewal of Light may enter our heart.

We are in such powerful times of giant leaps of our spiritual awakening & the evolution of humanity. Yet, if we get distracted from our internal promptings, the cycle of Mother Nature, we may miss the moment that awaits us, to fuel with clear intention, the creation of our own new reality.

For myself personally, I can say that I have set myself free from my past tendrils. My return back to Tulsa, was largely inspired by healing the last area of my own inner darkness. To call all of me home, to my own heart. Integration of fragments. What this has meant, is that any last, past regrets, amends, resentments, attachments, unfinished business with others or younger aspects of myself, has now been resolved. At least on my end.

Up until my return here, I’d done much deep work. Over the years my focus was working closely with my own Sacred Shadow. My pain, wounding, confusion, illusions. Gleaning the lessons needed. Letting go of blame, shame, guilt from many other chapters of my life. However, my teen-age years were waiting my full attention. And now, I have completion and closure on my past.

My mind doesn’t carry stories. My heart is more open and soft. My being is more relaxed & silent. I am current, in the here and now. Present, with a spaciousness that feels filled with grace and inner peace. I am whole and live fully in the home of my heart.

When we are carrying around old pain, stories, false beliefs, blaming others or ourselves, our ‘wholeness’ is compromised. We leak energy. We aren’t embodying all of who we are.

As I’ve been consciously doing this process for myself and with clients, I’m seeing more clearly the beautiful transitions. This deeper integration work will become a more focused aspect of my offerings, moving into 2019.

Winter gives us the opportunity to go inside and die to the old self; heal and integrate all that is ready to be shed, that no longer serves our up-liftment.  We can choose to be current, but we must release all that is the past.

As the nights grow darker, the invitation is to utilize the winter energy to go inward, not be distracted in the outer world. Seek to consciously release the old, to create space for the new light of Solstice to grow within you. Prepare for the 2019 beginning, by allowing all that has come to pass, to integrate, create a new grounding, come home to your heart.

We are receiving the Christed frequency energies this month. How can you make the most of this powerful, sacred time? Allow inner quietude. Limit distractions. Embrace the darkening season. Nestle into all that your heart has to tell you. Listen too, to what qualities within your own being, you wish to create for the new year.

We have a great opportunity to leap into 2019 with our passions & purpose, clarity & vitality, a clear slate & creative vigor!

Many Loving Solstice Blessings,



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