Bringing in the Love ~ Light Language Activation & Meditation

Wednesday, May 16th at H2Oasis Float Center & Tea House
6:45 – 8:45 pm
$20.00 to RSVP via Paypal:


You are invited to join us for this monthly gathering of activating more Love, Peace, Harmony, Unity, & Joy within us and in the world, via the high vibrational frequencies of Light & sound.

These sounds & tones of divine speech, are known and understood by our heart & Soul. They assist us in releasing outdated programs that keep us stuck in patterns which no longer serve our happiness & highest good.

Light Language activates aspects of the self which aspires toward spiritual awakening, greater Love, Compassion, Faith & Trust, Inner Peace & connection to the Divine.

We are learning more about the power of sound healing/vibrational healing. Light Language is another form of this which allows deep shifts to occur.

Light Language, though relatively new to many, has been known since ancient times. It has been called, ‘Music of the Sphere’s’, ‘Singing into the Spirit’, ‘Angelic Language & ‘Heavenly Language’ to name a few, as well as Soul Languages.

These sounds & divine speech is known & understood by our heart & Soul. They assist us in releasing outdated programs that keep us stuck in patterns which no longer serve our highest good. Light Language also activates aspects of the self which aspires toward spiritual awakening, greater Love, Compassion, Faith & Trust, Inner Peace & connection to the Divine.

They assist us in releasing all that separates us from remembering & knowing, the innate Love that we are, with ease & grace.

LL are a part of our make-up, our DNA. We all have a Soul Language and these activations & meditations, speak directly to our Highest Heart & highest potential.
Please bring a pillow or cushion to sit on & wear loose, comfy clothing. Also, please bring a notebook for noting any insights/experiences you have.
Please arrive a few minutes early to settle in with some tea. 🙂

Looking forward to sharing !

Love, Lotus


Are You Digging or Soaring?

Once upon a time, we lived under a spell of blindness, a darkness, tunneling away under ground, like little moles, striving to get somewhere, but unclear where that really was. We were governed by fear & survival instincts, trying to remain safe.

Then we evolved to experience the nature of beauty & ease as our perception felt the bounty, as it ran through the trees & meadows, topside. With many distractions to soothe anxieties of the unknown, our consciousness altered with glimpses of freedom, yet always the undercurrent of fight/flight presence. Like a deer, there has been a vigilance of guarding our well-being, playing by the rules laid forth by ‘nature’.

Now we are evolving once again. We are becoming the soaring & grace of birds. With this new birds-eye-view, it’s easier to see the ways of limited perception, the perception still harnessed-yet loosening the earth plane. As we ride the waves of the wind, we see the group thought/hive mind/programmed thinking that has held us all in bondage, whether we’ve been aware or not. We see the chaos & turmoil in many directions, attempting to keep us chained to insecurity, division, confusion & fear. From this vantage point of expanse, we can see the false teachings that humanity is somehow ‘bad’, however now we witness the true radiance of our Light rising from the surface.

For now we are experiencing a mass awakening, the Ascension process knocking on our heart’s door, inviting us to step simultaneously upward & inward, raising our frequency to imbibe the essence of our Truth.

And in its rise, the purging of illusion pours forth. But don’t stay focused there. The hypnotics may pull your awareness back down into the tunnel.

At this juncture we each have a choice to make moment to moment, day to day…

From where will you perceive?

From grace, freedom & Light?

From addiction to suffering, your fears & following the voice of group thought-programs?

We are asked to continue to choose our healing, in order to access the Knowing that we are Whole/Wholy …

What are you choosing?

We are assisted with greater force to heal what keeps us stuck in that which locks us in our fears. We are assisted to realize that there are greater heights to rise in our awareness & continuous depths we can grow in Love. We are realizing that all of that which helps us to soar is found within the love & honor for ourselves, so that we can love & honor others.

Birds are akin to Angels, some say. We are being called to spread our wings, rise above into the New Earth … Which in essence is creating a new world right here- a new paradigm for living in freedom & joy, As we anchor the Light that has always been within us here on our planet, the frequency of all beings rise.

Can you feel it’s time to let go of these old ways & choose your freedom?

Blessings in Choosing the Highest ~


Support from the Energy of Resilience

Goodness how time has flown! There has been so much shifting, growth & many new lessons to share. The end of 2016 was amazing, powerful and transformative. I hope you experienced the same and are ready for an even greater quickening in 2017. Though there is much to catch up on, I’d like to start with this message.

Blessings! as we enter into February, Imbolc, also known in reverence to the Goddess Brigid, as we begin our ascent from winter, into the re-birthing of the Sun and the first sprouts of Spring which lies ahead.

As I was downloading new Light codes yesterday I received this:
‘You are receiving new codes that will bring resilience for all during this time of great transition. The energies of resilience will be required as minds are being stretched, turning upside down, & hearts are being compelled toward opening into love, amidst programmed fear & the desire for self-protection.

Resilience offers continued, renewed strength and conviction to rise up from the world’s truth into the truth of your own heart/soul/spirit. These new Light codes/energies will nourish the continued growth, to strive, then thrive in the new paradigm being created.

Humanity will find collapsing again & again within themselves, the ways (programs) of the past. This is part of the process. The old house must crumble before it can be rebuilt. Resilience will help you to return to the heart.

The encouragement we offer is, for those who have not begun to connect inwardly through meditation/prayer/contemplation, to find the safe sanctuary within, you would be best served to begin now.
The necessary resilience will be found within, not from sources outside of you.

Those of you who have been practiced at this, it’s time to deepen even more. We aren’t referring to a hobby or simply for stress reduction, though sometimes that has been the desire starting point. Now however, we are talking about stepping into the next level of the evolutionary state of ‘who you are.’

You will only find this truth by an on-going, continued deepening process. This is the foundation of the renewed creation. This is the entrance into the future paradigm.’

If you would like support in learning to meditate or other practices which support your spiritual path, contact me and we can find what feels most aligned for you.

In Love & Resilience!


What are you Vibe-ing?

Spirit has wonderful ways of teaching us, as long as we are sensitive in our listening. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been receiving  the guidance to vibe specific energetic’s of words. The first word that arose up from within, or sprinkled into my awareness from my Highest Self, was honor. Honor, as we know is something held in great respect; of high esteem; of favor and privilege.

As the words hold an intellectual meaning, the guidance was bringing a full-being awareness to the energy of honor.  There were the moments when I was making dinner with a wandering mind, and honor imbued through my body with a great presence. My mind became focused, and I felt the privilege it was to be making the food in that moment. A sense of deep respect for the circumstances in my life to be such, that I could be cooking awesome, healthy food for myself and my husband.

That presence, the vibe of honor, was lovely and came with ease. There was a special nudge to call me to the present moment, with the visceral, energetic experience of the word.  But what I appreciated even more, were the moments this experience repeated, when under normal circumstances, honoring what was present was the farthest from my mind!

On a particularly rough day, feeling very tired, and dealing with computer issues, which often can bring me to a blood-rush-to-the-face-boiling point, I was rescued by honor. Like a cool breeze wafting in to soothe the rapidly growing irritation, the vibration of honor instantly calmed me. I again was called present to honor the moment, regardless what I was experiencing. I felt how precious the moment was, how privileged I was to have a computer, to have an opportunity to ‘be’ in a higher state of being amidst things not going smoothly. And as I was lifted to this awareness, the fact that I was tired dissipated. I wouldn’t say I felt woken up from sleepiness, as much as, my energy wasn’t being drained from dwelling on mental and emotional turmoil. The energetic up-liftment altered my perception of the just moment prior, frustrating experience.

There were countless times when this mind of mine, would begin to wander away down a path of old stories, memories, or drama’s, which are no longer relevant. Honor stepped into being ~ embodiment of Honor occurred.

The habit of mind, unless otherwise directed can keep us trapped in outworn states of being, denser vibrations, and re-affirming patterns which keep us from rising to our fullest Light.

With the presence of this new energy, I felt as if I was being trained in how to shift the energy and thought patterns to a higher vibration. In much the way a mantra is ‘energized’ in our system, it’s energy/consciousness will uplift us when it is needed, of it’s own accord. At this juncture, for these weeks, it’s been the energy imprint/consciousness of honor.

The last gift that was imbued, was a deep sense of connection to my Highest Self, to the Reality underneath all else. To the person or situation, left to my own devices I may have been ready to pass judgment or criticism, instead I felt heart-centered respect and at one with them.

About 2 days ago, that distinct presence of honor faded. I felt called to continue to turn my attention to what I had learned and put it’s vibration into a conscious practice. And then yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised by the vibration of celebration.  I’ve already received it’s energy uplift me and assist me in recognizing what a celebration each sweet moment can be as well as a hardship, because of the silver lining always present. So, I will continue to be imbued with celebration for as long as Divine Guidance deems it to penetrate my being!

My question and invitation to you? What are you vibing?  Call on your guides, the Universe, your Highest Self and allow them to deliver the energetic imprints of higher vibrations perfect for your heart & being!

Love & Blessings ~